Reciprocal Snowmobile Weekend

Snowmobile enthusiasts can enjoy the trails in neighboring states during a special reciprocal weekend shared by New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.  This three-day event will occur each year in January, provided that our neighboring states continue to participate.

The proposed dates for the upcoming reciprocal weekend are January 31, February 1 and February 2, 2014 (to be confirmed later this fall; the date for the weekend is set through the rule-making process; click here for more information).

Following are the ground rules for the weekend:

  • All snowmobiles legally registered in Vermont and Maine will be able to operate on New Hampshire trails during the three-day open weekend.  Please note that all other New Hampshire laws and rules regarding the operation of snowmobiles must be adhered to, such as speed limits, youth operation standards, etc.

  • All snowmobiles legally registered in New Hampshire will be able to operate in Vermont and Maine during the reciprocal weekend.  All other Vermont and Maine snowmobile laws and rules must be complied with, including Vermont mandatory liability insurance, youth requirements, and safety card requirement for those born after July 1, 1983.
Know the Laws and Rules where you ride
Established by Law

The law that established the Vermont/New Hampshire reciprocal weekend was passed in 2010; reciprocity with Maine for the special weekend was added in 2011. (To see the adopted rule, click here.)

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