OHRV Vanity Registration Requirements

New Hampshire was the first state in the nation to offer Vanity Decals for snowmobiles. These decals are available only to New Hampshire resident owners of snowmobiles. The proceeds from the sale of these decals benefit N.H. Fish and Game's OHRV Safety Education Program.

Application Deadline: The deadline for applying for vanity decals is October 15 for registrations to be issued by December 1.

How to apply: Contact Fish and Game at (603) 271-3129 or email ohrv@wildlife.nh.gov for an application.

All Vanity Decal requests shall meet the following restrictions:

  1. Letters only (at least two), or
  2. A combination of at least two letters and number(s), or
  3. A combination of at least two letters and symbol(s), or
  4. A combination of at least two letters, symbol(s), and number(s),
  5. There can be no spaces between the first and last characters,
  6. The only symbols available for these decals are: Dash(-), Ampersand(&), Plus (+),
  7. No two symbols can appear consecutively.

Vanity Decals may contain a maximum of six characters.

In the event that all your Vanity Decal choices are not available, a regular registration will be issued to you.

A complete list of unavailable Vanity Decal combinations is maintained by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.  The following guidelines should be read carefully before submitting your request for Vanity Decals:

  1. Vanity Decals should not have any appeal to prurient interest or be subject to obscene interpretation.
  2. Vanity Decals shall not be morally, ethically, racially, or in any manner offensive to good taste.

Please note that the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department reserves the right to recall Vanity Decals if they are determined to be unacceptable.

For more information: If you have any questions about vanity decals, please contact Captain John Wimsatt at the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department in Concord at (603) 271-3129.

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