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Tina Berger, ASMFC: 703-842-0740  
November 21, 2011

November 30 Conference Call to Discuss Days Out for Northern Shrimp

DURHAM, N.H.  -- The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission's (ASMFC) Northern Shrimp Section will meet via conference call on November 30, 2011, from 10:00 -11:30 a.m., to discuss revising which three days per week landings would be allowed (landing days are currently set at Monday, Thursday, and Friday).

The Section will also consider changing the first in-season meeting date to evaluate where total landings are relative to the Total Allowable Catch (currently set for January 18, 2012).  

The conference call will serve as the official public hearing for the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department regarding these changes.

Section discussion will be limited to these two issues; any other changes to the specifications will only be considered at a meeting that includes more extensive involvement of the ASMFC Northern Shrimp Advisory Panel and interested public.

A draft agenda is available on the Commission website at

To join the conference call, dial 1-888-394-8197 and then enter the Passcode 815277.  

For more information, please contact Michael Waine, Fishery Management Plan Coordinator, at 703-842-0740 or email  

Earlier this month, the Commission's Northern Shrimp Section set a shortened season for the 2011-2012 northern shrimp fishery.  A total allowable catch (TAC) of 2,000 metric tons was approved, with the season closing when landings are projected to reach 95 percent of the TAC (1,900 metric tons). The trawl season will start January 2, 2012, with three landing days a week.  Vessels may only land once a day.  The trap season will start February 1, 2012, with a 1,000-pound landing limit per vessel per day. These measures are consistent with the recently approved Amendment 2 to the Interstate Fishery Management Plan for Northern Shrimp. 

These restrictions were put in place in response to the 2011 stock assessment update that indicated the northern shrimp stock is overfished and overfishing is occurring.   The Fishery Management Plan specifies that if fishing mortality exceeds the limit level and shrimp population is less than the threshold level, the Section must act immediately to reduce fishing mortality.



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