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December 9, 2011

Canine Search and Rescue Program Gets $2,500 Grant from Fuller Foundation

CO Mark Hensel and Poacher
CO Mark Hensel and his canine partner "Poacher" conducted many missions for Fish and Game.

CONCORD, N.H. -- The Wildlife Heritage Foundation of New Hampshire announces a $2,500 grant from the Fuller Foundation in support of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department's Canine Search and Rescue Program. The grant will be used to expand and enhance Fish and Game's canine program.  In addition, the grant will assist in helping with expenses related to attendance by Conservation Officer Mark Hensel at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's Canine Academy in Tallahassee, Florida.

CO Hensel worked closely with the Foundation to write the grant proposal. Upon return from the Academy, Hensel will be certified to provide training to other search and rescue programs. Fish and Game's Law Enforcement Division, which oversees the canine program, hopes to expand the program to include more dogs, more trained officers, and ultimately, the Division's own canine training facility.

Colonel Martin Garabedian, Chief of the Law Enforcement Division, thanked the Wildlife Heritage Foundation for submitting the grant on their behalf, saying, "This will be a real boost for the canine program. When Officer Hensel returns from this intensive training, he will be fully prepared to run our program. We look forward to working with the Foundation to identify additional funding for future program expansion."

The search and rescue dogs are used not only for tracking lost humans, but also for evidence detection, and fish and wildlife detection.

Wildlife Heritage Foundation of NH

The Wildlife Heritage Foundation of New Hampshire is the official non-profit partner of the N.H. Fish and Game Department. The Foundation raises funds in support of the Department’s conservation and management of wildlife and natural places important to New Hampshire’s family traditions such as hiking, hunting, fishing and watching wildlife. Funding for the Foundation’s grants program comes from individual and corporate donors, events, and from the annual auction of fish and game permits and licenses. For more information on the Foundation please visit or contact

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