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February 9, 2011

New Book Available from N.H. Fish and Game: "The Best of Warden's Watch"

CONCORD, N.H. -- Ready, set, smile.  A new book hot off the press from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department takes a light-hearted look at the serious, strenuous work of Fish and Game Conservation Officers.  The book is a collection of real-life stories, illustrated by cartoonist Will Staats, originally published in the "Warden's Watch" column in N.H. Wildlife Journal magazine.

The new book is available for $9.95 at or at the N.H. Fish and Game Department, 11 Hazen Drive, in Concord.

The true adventures in the book were written by many different officers.  They recount situations ranging from the humorous to downright dangerous. Fish and Game wardens never know what each day's duty may bring -- freeing porcupines caught in a soccer net or moose trapped in wells, coming face-to-face with a bear or coyote in the tight confines of a cellar, or tracking down gators on the loose (yes, in N.H.!). Whether they are rescuing hikers, apprehending fish and wildlife poachers, patrolling the coast or monitoring off-road trails, wardens have to expect the unexpected – and the results can sometimes be quite entertaining.

Cartoon from Warden's Watch book -- by Will Staats

The Best of Warden's Watch is a fun book and a fine tribute to the humor, courage and patience of our Fish and Game Conservation Officers. The 64-page volume includes an introduction by current Fish and Game Law Enforcement Chief Col. Martin Garabedian and an historical look at fish and wildlife Law Enforcement in New Hampshire.

Illustrator Will Staats has worked as a wildlife biologist for Fish and Game for more than 18 years.  A self-taught cartoonist, Staats has been sketching all his life.  His work with Fish and Game gives him first-hand experience to draw from, to which he adds his own humorous interpretation.  He has created cartoons for N.H. Wildlife Journal since 2003, and new cartoons appear in each issue of the magazine.

Book purchases help support fish and wildlife conservation and enforcement in the Granite State.  Visit the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department at

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