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October 27, 2010

Jack Middleton Moose Hunt 2010
Jack Middleton of Freedom, N.H. (right) took this bull in the 2010 moose hunt; its antler spread of 68.5 inches set a new state record. Guide Dustin Parent is pictured at left. Courtesy photo.

Preliminary 2010 New Hampshire Moose Hunt Results

CONCORD, N.H. -- New Hampshire’s 2010 moose season wrapped up on Sunday, October 24, with 302 hunters succeeding in taking their moose during the 9-day season.  With a total of 400 permits issued, this represents a statewide success rate of 76%.  About 68% of the harvest consisted of males, according to Kristine Rines, Moose Project Leader for the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.  In 2009, the statewide success rate was 65%. 

This year, the Connecticut Lakes Region saw a success rate of 85%, similar to last year’s 84%. The North Region saw 90% success this year, similar to last year’s 91%. The White Mountain Region’s success rate increased to 72%, well above last year’s 47%.  Success in the Central Region increased slightly, to 67% this year, from 62% in 2009. The Southwest Region saw a substantial increase from 47% success last year to 57% this year.  The Southeast Region success rate of 45% was similar to last year’s 47% success rate.

Successful hunters reported seeing a lot of moose activity this year. This was due to the near perfect weather conditions that existed for all nine days of the season.  Moose restrict their movement to prevent overheating during warm weather.  Cool temperatures encourage greater activity and enhance hunting success. 

“Compared to previous years, this year’s temperatures were perfect for moose and therefore moose hunters. It stayed very cool all season, so moose were active every day, giving hunters a better chance of seeing moose,” said Kris Rines, Fish and Game’s moose project leader.  "The notable increase in success for moose hunters in the White Mountains Region resulted from a combination of a reduction in the number of permits issued and the elimination of antlerless-only permits in the region."

A ten-year comparison of regional success rates for the N.H. moose hunt is available at

Find out more about moose hunting in New Hampshire, including a link to a gallery of photos from this year’s and past hunts, at

More than 14,000 people entered this year's lottery for a chance to participate in the New Hampshire moose hunt. Why not try your luck next year? Applications for the 2011 moose hunt will be available from late January through May 27, 2011, at or from license agents statewide.

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