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October 15, 2010

Atlantic Herring Landing Days Set

DURHAM, N.H. – Allowable landing days for Atlantic herring (sea herring) harvest in Area 1A were set for the remainder of the year this week by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commissioners from the states of Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

After public comment and discussion, ASMFC Atlantic Herring Section members agreed to 4 landing days per week, Monday through Thursday, beginning October 18, 2010 or until 95% of the quota for that period is harvested. All other days are considered “days out” of the fishery.

Section members may hold another “days out” meeting or conference call if actual catch rates during the rest of the 2010 fishing season differ substantially from predicted catch rates.

Vessels are prohibited from landing more than 2,000 pounds of Atlantic herring on a “day out” of the fishery.

For more information contact the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department Marine Fisheries Division at 603-868-1095.

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission serves as a deliberative body coordinating the conservation and management of the 15 Atlantic coast states' shared near-shore fishery resources for sustainable use. Visit

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is the guardian of the state’s marine, fish and wildlife resources and their habitats.

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