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Capt. John Wimsatt: (603) 271-3361, 3128
December 4, 2010


HOOKSETT, N.H. – On Friday  December 3, 2010, at approximately 3:00 PM, hunter Marcel Sinotte, age 76, of Manchester went deer hunting in a wooded area adjacent to Bear Brook State Park. Family members became concerned when he did not return home that evening and contacted the Hooksett Police Department. Sinotte’s vehicle was located by a family member parked off an unmaintained section of North Candia Road at approximately 12:30 AM Saturday morning (December 4, 2010).

A ground search was organized involving Conservation Officers, Hooksett Police and Fire departments, NH State Police and NH State Police K-9 teams. At approximately 5:15 AM on December 4, 2010, the New Hampshire State Police Helicopter joined the search effort. Pilot Mark Johnson, Trooper First Class Andrew Player and TFC Timothy Stearns used night vision scopes and the FLIR system (Forward Looking Infra Red) to enhance their search capabilities. At 5:30 AM, they spotted the lost hunter in a large tract of woodlands approximately ½ mile from where the hunter’s vehicle was parked. Video footage of the aerial search effort was captured by the helicopters video camera system. 

Conservation Officers Michael Matson, Geoffrey Pushee and two Hooksett firefighters hiked in to Sinotte and helped him out of the woods.  According to Matson, Sinotte was uninjured and had been well prepared to spend the cold night in the woods. He was equipped with warm clothing and boots, plenty of food and water, and a flashlight, He had built a fire to stay warm, which also aided in the efforts to locate him.

Captain John Wimsatt credits the quick response and search efforts of the NH State Police Helicopter and crew, along with a well-organized team effort by Hooksett Police and Fire and NH State Police K-9 units that brought this search to a successful outcome.  

"If search efforts had not been successful during the first night, it is comforting to know that Mr. Sinotte as an experienced hunter was well equipped with the appropriate gear and presence of mind to survive for several days," said Wimsatt.

Conservation Officers remind all outdoor enthusiasts to be prepared when venturing outdoors with appropriate food, clothing, a light source, fire-starting equipment and a map and compass. Always leave your itinerary with a family member or friend. For additional information on being prepared for outdoor activities such as hunting and hiking, visit
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