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August 26, 2010

New Hunting Digest Is Out

CONCORD, N.H. -- The 2010-2011 New Hampshire Hunting and Trapping Digest is out, hot off the press, with season dates, bag limits, check stations and lots more need-to-know information for hunters and trappers. You can download the digest on the Fish and Game website (where you can also find waterfowl season dates, Wildlife Management Unit maps and more), or pick one up at your local license agent.

Hunting seasons get started September 1 with the opening of bear and gray squirrel seasons, followed by the statewide season for resident Canada geese September 7-25, 2010. Archery seasons for turkey and white-tailed deer open September 15. Opening day for New Hampshire’s regular firearms deer hunting season is November 10, 2010.

Changes for 2010 include:

  • New September archery deer restriction: Only antlered deer may be taken by bow and arrow from September 15-30.

  • Deer hunting in WMU A:  There is no longer an antler point restriction in WMU A, and the muzzleloader season there has been restored to the statewide standard of 11 days. As in recent years, both the archery and regular firearms seasons for deer will continue to end one week early in WMU A.

  • Unit M Antlerless Deer Permits: Up to 4,000 hunters will be able to purchase Special Antlerless Deer Permits for Unit M in southeastern New Hampshire this year, with the option to purchase one tag for $13 or two tags for $26 at the time of initial purchase.  Unit M Antlerless permits MAY NOT be used in September.

  • Expansion of fall shotgun turkey area:  Four additional Wildlife Management Units (J1, J2, L and M) in the south and eastern parts of the state have been added to the five-day fall shotgun season.

Following is a general overview of New Hampshire's fall hunting seasons (consult the Digest for additional information and regulation details):

2010 New Hampshire Hunting Seasons

* Archery: Sept. 15-Dec. 15 (ends Dec. 8 in WMU A; antlered only Sept. 15-30 statewide)
* Youth Deer Weekend: Oct. 23-24
* Muzzleloader: Oct. 30-Nov. 9
* Firearms: Nov. 10-Dec. 5 (in WMU A, ends Nov. 28)

BLACK BEAR: Starts Sept. 1 (end varies by WMU)
GRAY SQUIRREL: Sept. 1-Dec. 31
SNOWSHOE HARE: Oct. 1-March 31 (bag limit varies by WMU)
RUFFED GROUSE: Oct. 1-Dec. 31
MOOSE: Oct. 16-24 (by permit only)
      Shotgun: Oct. 11-15 (certain WMUs)
      Archery: Sept. 15-Dec. 15 (closed in WMU A)

So get out and enjoy New Hampshire's big woods, with more than a million acres of public land open to hunting.  If you need a hunter education class, don't delay! September classes are available.  You can register online at

New Hampshire hunting licenses and permits can be purchased online anytime at

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