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Lt. Craig Morrocco, 603-271-3127 
Jane Vachon, 603-271-3211
September 20, 2010

Young Hikers Rescued on Mt. Monadnock

KEENE, N.H. -- Four young hikers were rescued by New Hampshire Fish and Game Department Conservation Officers on Sunday evening, September 19, 2010, after losing the trail on Mt. Monadnock in the dark.

Keene State College students Casey August, age 20; Britney Nelson, age 19; Courtney Thorpe, age 19; and Samantha Norton, age 19, began their hike on the Marlborough Trail in Jaffrey at about 3:30 p.m., along with two additional hikers, Erin Humphrey, age 19; and Hanna Bujuevicie, age 20. 

After reaching the summit, the group became separated on their descent.  Humphrey and Bujuevice hiked ahead and made it back to the trailhead, while the remainder of the group lagged behind. The hikers still out on the trail eventually were overcome by darkness and lost the trail in a steep section of terrain. The lost hikers, who were unfamiliar with the mountain and did not have a flashlight or trail map, contacted 911 dispatch via cell phone requesting assistance. At 7:30 p.m., N.H. Fish and Game Conservation Officers were dispatched to Mt. Monadnock in response to their call for help. 

Conservation Officers William Boudreau and Eric Hannett located the hikers at 8:56 p.m., approximately 1/8 mile off the trail.  The hikers were cold, but otherwise uninjured, and were hiked out to the Marlborough Trailhead. 

Getting a late start, being unprepared for nightfall and not staying together as a group contributed to the hikers' ordeal, according to Fish and Game Lt. Craig Morrocco.       


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