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Boundary Pond dam failure

Boundary Pond dam failure

Top: A view of the failed Boundary Pond dam.
Bottom: James Gallagher, Chief Engineer with the NH Department of Environmental Services, surveys the failed earthen dam.

James W. Gallagher Jr., P.E., Chief Engineer DES - 603-271-1961
Glenn Normandeau, Executive Director, NHFG – 603-271-3511              
May 26, 2010

Safety Concerns Call for Breaching of Boundary Pond (Mountain Lake) Dam in Pittsburg, N.H.; East Inlet Road Closed at Mile Marker 3; Anglers and Paddlers Should Seek Alternative Waters

CONCORD, N.H. – The Boundary Pond (Mountain Lake) Dam in Pittsburg, N.H., will be breached as soon as possible for reasons of public safety, according to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department and the N.H. Department of Environmental Services Dam Bureau (DES).  East Inlet Road at Mile Marker 3 will remain closed until the danger to public safety has passed.  Anglers and paddlers should seek alternative waters. 

An inspection last week of the dams on the Connecticut Lakes Headwaters Land by the DES Dam Bureau revealed a recent serious failure of the left earthen embankment of the Boundary Pond (Mountain Lake) Dam adjacent to the timber spillway training wall.

The dam was determined to be no longer structurally stable, and complete failure of the dam is believed to be imminent. If the dam were to fail, it would cause a sudden release of a large amount of water down a steep grade through at least two ponds formed by beaver dams, creating a flood wave that would inundate and wash out the East Inlet Road at the culvert at Mile 12.

To remove this threat, the DES Dam Bureau is directing that immediate action be taken to create a controlled breach through the embankment and/or timber structure of the dam to release the impounded water gradually (the dam does not have a low level outlet to lower the impoundment).  The controlled breach is expected to take place during the week of May 31.

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