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      January 5, 2010


CONCORD, N.H. -- Wayne W. Armstrong, 60, of Tyngsborough, Mass., was killed last night (January 4, 2010) when the snowmobile he was operating crashed into several trees off Indian Stream Road in the town of Pittsburg, N.H.

After eating dinner at a local establishment, Armstrong and a group of three other snowmobilers, including his son, rode their snowmobiles approximately a mile up the traveled portion of Indian Stream Road toward a camp where they had been staying.

Armstrong and one of the other riders had ridden past the camp, and the two remaining riders rode up the road further to look for them. Witnesses said they saw the headlight beam from Armstrong’s snowmobile going through the trees in a cloud of snow.

A member of the riding party called 911 from a camp at 182 Indian Stream Road at approximately 9:35 p.m., and rescue crews from Pittsburg Fire and Rescue and 45th Parallel EMS, along with Pittsburg Police Chief Richard Lapoint and New Hampshire Fish and Game Department Conservation Officer Chris Egan, responded to the scene.

Rescuers initiated CPR, and efforts to revive Armstrong continued until 10:15 p.m. Deputy Medical Examiner Faye Memolo pronounced him dead at the scene shortly before midnight.

CO Egan stated that operating at a high rate of speed, and operating on a plowed road were contributing factors in the crash.
Snowmobile crashes have resulted in serious injury to five other riders in the area stretching from Colebrook to Pittsburg since last Wednesday.

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department urges snowmobilers to ride safely and at a reasonable speed for the existing conditions, and to stick to the designated trail system.

Conservation Officers will continue to be patrol the trails on snowmobiles, strictly enforcing speed limits and reckless operation. In addition to officer presence on the trails, “it certainly helps when club members and other snowmobile riders remind each other to ride safely,” said Egan.  “People tend to listen more intently to members of their own peer group.”


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