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March 9, 2009

NH Wildlife Journal March-April 2009
Six-spotted tiger beetle by Dwight Kuhn

Tiger Beetles, Shad and Paddling Places Featured in Latest N.H. Wildlife Journal

CONCORD, N.H. -- It's hard to believe that New Hampshire is home to creatures as ferocious-looking as the shimmering six-spotted tiger beetle pictured on the cover of the latest New Hampshire Wildlife Journal magazine (March-April 2009).  Luckily, this feisty fellow is only about half an inch long in real life.  A Journal article called "Eye of the Tiger" introduces the dozen or so tiger beetle species you might encounter in the Granite State.  

Spring is the time many anadromous fish ply their way up New Hampshire's rivers.  In this issue, you can read about the storied past and uncertain future of one of these fish, the American shad.  In the 1700s, thousands of shad were caught daily during the spring spawning run.  Today, these fish face not only obstacles such as dams on their native rivers, but challenges from weather to distant ecosystems affecting the ocean environment in which they spend much of the year. 

Also in this issue of the Journal, the state's only magazine dedicated to fish and wildlife conservation and recreation, read about canoe and kayak access spots that are part of Fish and Game Wildlife Management areas.  In all, Fish and Game has more than 150 boating and fishing access sites around the state.  You'll get some great ideas for paddling destinations!

Regular columns bring you Warden's Watch, Kids Corner and more.  Wild Ways introduces a new artist, Marc Sutherland, with some sage advice on "avoidin' ruin with a NH Bruin."  Naturalist's Notebook profiles the secret life of that furry, tunnel-digging animal we often see waddling along our roadways and fields, the woodchuck.  Conservation News brings you up to date on the saltwater angler registry and six new properties conserved at Great Bay. 

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