Virginia Donahue-King
Virginia Donahue-King of Milton Ma., with her winning brown trout, caught May 16, 2008, in the Connecticut River, Pittsburg, NH, while fly-fishing. 26.5 inches long; 7 pounds 8 oz.!

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February 25, 2009

2008 N.H. Trophy Fish Winners Announced

CONCORD, N.H. -- Winners of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department's 2008 NewHampshire Trophy Fish Program have been announced, with 22 trophy certificates going to winning anglers for the year. For a full list of winning anglers and their catches, visit

Winners included Don LaValley of Swanzey, N.H., who caught and kept a 25 lb., 1.6 oz. lake trout -- nearly 40 inches long -- while trolling Nubanusit Lake in Hancock/Nelson, N.H., last July. "That's quite a catch!" said N.H. Fish and Game Fisheries Biologist Don Miller. "For a lake trout that size to be caught by rod and reel, is truly impressive."

Another impressive catch earning 2008 trophy fish honors was a 7 lb., 8 oz. brown trout (26.50 inches long) caught by Virginia Donahue-King of Milton, Mass., on a fly rod in the Connecticut River in Pittsburg. "To catch that trout on a fly rod, in a river the size of the Connecticut, is indeed a great challenge," said Miller. "Everything would have to go exactly right, but Virginia did it."

Michael Harrington of Georgetown, Mass., earned a trophy certificate for the 7-lb.,15-oz., 26-inch long rainbow trout he caught in Lake Wentworth in Wolfeboro. "We don't often see rainbow trout that large in the big lakes," said Miller. "Rainbows are a type of steelhead trout, which tend to migrate out of the lakes, heading downriver after being stocked. They're difficult to keep in the lake and it's rare to see a rainbow trout over 4 pounds, so this was an exciting catch."

Heather Dodge of Thornton, N.H., was awarded for the biggest northern pike in New Hampshire in 2008. She caught her 18-lb.,1.28-oz., 43-inch long trophy northern pike in the Connecticut River in Lancaster, N.H. "That's a huge fish!" said Miller.

New Hampshire's Trophy Fish program provides recognition for both kept and released fish in 22 freshwater species and seven saltwater species categories. For more than forty years, the Trophy Fish program has given angling enthusiasts of all ages the opportunity to receive recognition, as well as providing biologists with important information on the fisheries over time. Verified state records date back to a 25.5-inch, 9-pound brook trout caught on Pleasant Lake in New London in 1911. A list of state records for various species is available on the Fish and Game website at No new state records were established during 2008.

Trophy Fish applications must be received within 30 days of the catch. All successful applicants are awarded a Trophy Fish shoulder patch. Anglers who caught or released the largest fish in each species category are presented with a certificate suitable for framing. All ages and legal methods of fishing are eligible.

Interested anglers can find application forms, guidelines for minimum weights and lengths, and instructions for entering the program on the N.H. Fish and Game Department website at The website also provides many depth maps of lakes and ponds, stocking information, fishing laws and advice from biologists.

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