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October 23, 2008

Hunters: Take Back Your Weekends This Fall
Chores Are for Thursdays! Enthusiasts Say

CONCORD, NH -- Did last weekend slide by without your getting out to hunt or scout for the upcoming firearms deer season?  If it did, you're not alone -- but that doesn't have to be the end of the story.

In an effort to help sportsmen and women reclaim their Saturdays and Sundays from the tedium of the to-do list, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is encouraging hunters to adjust their schedules and take back their weekends.  The Take Back Your Weekend campaign is aimed at helping average people who work hard all week long, only to find themselves swamped with chores when Saturday rolls around. 

The basic idea is simple: fine-tune the timing of your weekly chores so that you can make time to go hunting this fall.

"For me, Saturday and Sunday used to be something I called 'ketchup' days, because that's what I did, 'catch up' on yard work and shopping and working on the truck," said Fish and Game's Mark Beauchesne.

Beauchesne's hunting life changed for the better when he got some solid time-management advice from a friend who always seemed to be having fun.  "That guy told me to take back my weekend," Beauchesne said.  "He told me to do the things I have to do on Wednesday or Thursday, before or after work, so I can have time to go hunting on Saturday or Sunday."

Beauchesne gave it a go, and it worked.  "Now, I do my raking and shopping and such during the week so that on some Saturdays and Sundays, I can go hunting.  It was such a small change to make, but now I own my weekends again, and it's hard to imagine giving them back."

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