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April 18, 2008

Wildlife Legacy Donations Help Maintain Access for N.H. Hunters and Anglers

CONCORD, N.H. -- Hunters and anglers concerned about the lack of access have an opportunity to support Fish and Game's Landowner Relations Program by making a $10 "Wildlife Legacy" donation when purchasing their 2008 hunting or fishing license.

"As greater than 70% of land in New Hampshire is privately owned, hunting and fishing are based upon the tradition of access to private land, a privilege provided through the generosity of landowners," said Landowner Relations Coordinator Charles Miner, explaining that more than 75% of hunting activity in New Hampshire occurs on private land. "Making a license check-off contribution to the program is an important way to help that tradition continue."

Lack of access is one of the most significant threats to the future of hunting and fishing in New Hampshire, especially as our landscape becomes more urban and land is divided into smaller parcels.  Fish and Game's Landowner Relations Program, in partnership with hunters, anglers, and landowners to maintain hunting and fishing access to private lands, works to address this problem.  While the program is still relatively new, access to 20,000 acres of land was maintained for New Hampshire hunters and anglers through current program projects.

Hunting and fishing are based upon a critical partnership between Fish and Game, hunters, anglers and, most importantly, private landowners.  The future of hunting and fishing in New Hampshire will be strengthened by the ability of the Landowner Relations Program to build and maintain this partnership.  Wildlife Legacy donations serve as a critical source of funding for these efforts.

To make a donation to Fish and Game's Landowner Relations Program through the Wildlife Legacy Initiative, just check the appropriate box when you buy your 2008 license at or from any New Hampshire license agent. Your Wildlife Legacy donation will help to maintain New Hampshire's hunting and fishing legacy for present and future generations.  Thank you!

To find out more about Fish and Game's Landowner Relations Program or to learn how you can get involved with the program, contact Program Administrator Charles Miner Jr. at (603) 271-3511 or email

The Wildlife Legacy Initiative was created to encourage and fund specific fish and wildlife conservation programs approved by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission, giving everyone who benefits from Fish and Game services a chance to lend personal support to the Department's programs. Each year a different priority project is selected to benefit from Wildlife Legacy donations. 

For more information on the Wildlife Legacy Initiative, click here.

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