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October 10, 2007         

Fall Shotgun Turkey Season Is October 15-19, 2007

CONCORD, N.H. - New Hampshire's five-day fall shotgun turkey hunting season takes place Monday through Friday, October 15-19, 2007, in select Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) in the Connecticut River Valley and southwest portions of the state (WMUs D1, D2, G, H1, H2, I1, I2 and K).  These areas have New Hampshire's densest wild turkey populations.

Participants in the fall shotgun turkey season need both a $6 turkey license and an $11 fall shotgun permit, in addition to a current N.H. hunting license.  Hunters can purchase licenses and permits online (for online license sales, click to visit or from any Fish and Game license agent.

The fall shotgun permit entitles a hunter to take a single bird of either sex with a shotgun.  Hunters are restricted to taking a single turkey during the fall, either with bow and arrow during the archery season, or with a shotgun during the shotgun season, if the hunter possesses a fall shotgun permit. The bird must be tagged with the "fall" tag that comes on the regular turkey license.

During last year's first-ever, limited fall N.H. shotgun turkey season, 824 hunters purchased permits; they harvested a total of 122 turkeys from the 8 WMUs open to fall shotgun turkey hunting, all in the western half of the state.  "The modest harvest of 122 turkeys was only 3.4 percent that of the May 2006 spring season and will have little impact on the state's turkey population," said Fish and Game Turkey Project Leader Ted Walski.

New Hampshire's fall archery season for wild turkey runs from September 15 through December 15 (statewide except WMU A, which is closed to fall turkey hunting).  A total of 208 turkeys were harvested during the 2006 fall archery season.

Nearly 20,000 hunters purchase New Hampshire turkey hunting permits annually.  Most hunt during the spring gobbler season (shotgun or archery), which occurs statewide in May.  During the May 2007 season, hunters harvested 3,651 turkeys in New Hampshire.

For more information on turkey hunting in New Hampshire, click here.

New Hampshire currently has approximately 36,000 wild turkeys statewide. 

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