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July 6, 2007

First Tagged Bass Caught in Winnipesaukee One Day After Being Tagged!

CONCORD, N.H. -- The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department's Lake Winnipesaukee Bass Tagging Study has gotten off to a fast start, according to Gabe Gries, Fisheries Biologist and Warmwater Project Leader.  Tagging at bass tournaments at Ames Farm Inn started on Saturday, June 30, 2007, when 95 largemouth and smallmouth bass were tagged at the Bubba Bassin' tournament.  On Sunday, July 1, 198 bass were tagged at the Massachusetts Bass Federation tournament.  A tournament angler at the Sunday event caught a largemouth bass that had been tagged on Saturday.  This is the first tagged bass caught during the study.

"I can't believe a tagged bass was caught so quickly and after only 95 bass had been tagged, " said Gries.  "This is a fantastic start to a study that will give use some great information about bass movement after tournament weigh-ins.  In future years, we hope to expand and build upon this study in order to learn more about largemouth and smallmouth bass in New Hampshire." 

Rob Frye, President of the New Hampshire Bass Federation and Director of Bubba Bassin' was equally impressed.  "In my opinion, seeing this one tagged bass makes the whole study worthwhile. Anglers that I have already spoken to about this first recorded bass were excited to hear the study has already proven itself credible," Frye said.

"The tournament anglers have been fantastic in this whole process and we couldn't conduct this study without their help," Gries said.  "Both tournament weigh-ins we attended were very well run and all anglers were extremely cooperative."

Tagging at bass tournaments at Ames Farm Inn on Lake Winnipesaukee will continue through mid-October 2007.  Anglers fishing Lake Winnipesaukee can record information from tagged bass and return it to Fish and Game for the study; click here for the data recording form to use.

As part of the N.H. Fish and Game Warmwater Fisheries Management Program study, anglers fishing Lake Winnipesaukee are being asked to watch for tagged largemouth and smallmouth bass. Data collected from tagged bass will allow biologists to examine bass movement after release from bass tournament weigh-ins held at Ames Farm Inn on Lake Winnipesaukee.  To learn more about the study and see what the tags look like, click here.

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