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June 8, 2007

After the Hunt, Take Time to Thank Landowners

CONCORD, N.H. -- With the conclusion of the spring gobbler season on May 31, hunters are encouraged to express their appreciation to landowners for the privilege of hunting on their land.

"Hunters should remember that access to hunt on private land is a privilege provided to them through the generosity of the landowner," said Charles Miner, Administrator of the Landowner Relations Program for the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.

Access is one of the biggest challenges facing New Hampshire hunters. There are many ways hunters can show their appreciation, such as:

  • Visit landowners to thank them for being allowed to hunt on their property.

  • Follow up with a personal note after the season, thanking the landowner for the opportunity that you have been provided. Consider providing the landowner a token of your appreciation, such as a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

"One of the most exciting and memorable experiences of the season for many was mentoring a young hunter during youth weekend," said Miner. "As part of the mentoring process, it is important for our young hunters to realize that if the heritage of hunting is to be preserved, they must respect landowners and their land as well as express appreciation for the privilege of access. As another step in the mentoring process, give them an opportunity to offer thanks to a landowner."

Miner pointed out that the actions of each hunter are a reflection of the hunting community. The impression that you provide not only determines if you have a place to hunt, but also that of all hunters.

The New Hampshire tradition of turkey hunting will only continue if we all follow the basic principle of landowner relations: Treat the landowner as you would like to be treated and treat their land as you would like yours to be treated.

As your experiences of the recent season become memories, take a few moments to reflect upon the partnership between Fish and Game, hunters, and most importantly private landowners, and consider what you can do to ensure that these important relationships stay strong for future generations of sportspeople.

For further information on the Landowner Relations Program, contact Program Administrator Charles Miner at (603) 271-3511 or email

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