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May 14, 2007

Visit a Fish Hatchery for May 26 Open House

CONCORD, N.H. -- Get an up-close experience with fish -- from fingerlings to monster trout, ready to stock - at the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department's Fish Hatchery Open House on Saturday, May 26, 2007, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The state's six state fish hatcheries welcome the public to bring the family, see the fish and talk to the workers who raise nearly a million trout that Fish and Game stocks into streams and lakes throughout the state every year. Hatcheries at Berlin and Milford also offer interactive exhibits.

"Our Let's Go Fishing program volunteers team up with Fish Culturists to make this an exciting day," said Robert Fawcett, Fish Culture Operations Supervisor for the Department. "It's fun to watch the feeding frenzy when kids toss food pellets into the water and fish make a beeline from all parts of the tank."

This time of year, visitors can see big fish in show pools at all the hatcheries, plus some yearlings as well as young trout, called "fingerlings" because they're about the size of a finger, which will be stocked next year. Visitors will also see empty tanks that recently housed the hundreds of thousands of trout that have already been stocked in New Hampshire waters for anglers' enjoyment this spring.

"These hatcheries are vitally important to have enough trout-fishing opportunity in New Hampshire, but it's important to remember that the vast majority of fish species in the state, such as bass, perch, sunfish and lake trout, are self-sustaining populations," said Fawcett. "The brook trout are more vulnerable and have limited habitat in which to complete their life cycle, so they need the extra help that we provide at New Hampshire hatcheries."

New Hampshire's six State Fish Hatcheries include:

  • Berlin Fish Hatchery -- At the end of York Pond Road off Route 110 in Milan;
    (603) 449-3412.
  • Milford Fish Hatchery -- 408 North River Road in Milford; (603) 673-1416. (West of Milford, where Route 101 meets 101A, there is a new bridge over the Souhegan River -- take that road, turn right at Fitch's Corner and proceed east; the hatchery will be on your right. The old green metal bridge to the left of the new one is a landmark, but is no longer used.)
  • New Hampton Fish Hatchery -- Route 132, New Hampton; (603) 744-3709. (Route 132 is Main Street. Watch for Hatchery Road, leading to the lower hatchery station on the west end of town.)
  • Powder Mill Fish Hatchery -- 288 Merrymeeting Road, New Durham; (603) 859-2041. (On Route 11, there is a flashing light at the key intersection. If you are driving west from Farmington on Route 11, take a right, go to Main Street, and take a left at the country store, and then a right onto Merrymeeting Road. The hatchery is three miles, on the left.)
  • Twin Mountain Fish and Wildlife Center -- Route 3 between Twin Mountain and Whitefield; (603) 846-5108.
  • Warren Fish and Wildlife Center -- Old Route 25 in Warren; (603) 764-8593.

To find more information about fishing in New Hampshire, including online license sales, weekly stocking reports and 2007 fishing forecasts, click here.

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