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Nov. 7, 2006

2006 New Hampshire Moose Hunt a Success

CONCORD, N.H. -- New Hampshire's 2006 moose season was a success, with preliminary figures showing that hunters took a total of 449 moose (168 cows and 281 bulls), for a statewide success rate of 67%. The nine-day moose hunt ended on Sunday, October 29.

Once again, weather put moose hunters to the test this year, according to Moose Project Leader Kristine Rines of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. "Hunters were hampered opening weekend by heavy rains, sleet, snow and strong winds that continued off and on all week. There was only one day of sun in the North Country during the season," Rines said. "In addition, this season happened to fall after the primary rut was over. Given the high winds and the lateness of the season, moose were not moving, and this affected success rates, especially in the North Country, where the weather was worst."

This year, the success rate in all regions was down from past years. In the Connecticut Lakes region, a total of 121 moose were taken for a 80% success rate; in the North region, a total of 132 moose were taken, for an 78% success rate; 80 moose were taken in the White Mountains region (56% success); 101 moose in the central region (62% success); 10 moose in the southwest region (40% success); and 5 moose in the southeast region (26% success).

Though the success rate was down, the total number of moose taken statewide (449) was greater than last year because more permits were issued. Fish and Game issued 675 permits in 2006. In 2005, 525 permits were issued and a total of 408 moose were taken, yielding a 78% success rate. For a comparison of annual regional New Hampshire moose hunt success rates since 1998, click here.

More than 16,300 people entered the annual moose hunt lottery last spring for a chance to win a permit offering for this fall's hunt. The moose hunt is an important management tool. Along with other moose management and research activities, it is funded by proceeds from the moose hunt lottery. Applications for the 2007 moose hunt will be available on this website in late January 2007.

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