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October 28, 2005

NH Fish and Game to Close Vehicle Maintenance Facility

CONCORD, NH -- In a cost-cutting move following an in-depth review and analysis of operations over the last few months, Executive Director Lee Perry announced his intent today to close the N.H. Fish and Game Department's vehicle fleet maintenance facility effective December 8, 2005. The two affected employees were notified October 28 in a face-to-face meeting with Perry, in accordance with state personnel rules.

The operational review demonstrated that it is no longer cost-effective to maintain and staff a vehicle maintenance facility in-house, as compared to the cost of obtaining these services outside the Department. "Decisions involving operations and especially staff reductions are always difficult, but it's our public duty to run the Fish and Game Department as efficiently and effectively as possible, particularly in the face of an imminent funding deficit," said Perry. "It's important to note that this change in no way reflects on the performance of the two employees whose positions will be eliminated upon implementation of this decision. Their years of service to the Department are appreciated."

Fish and Game's fleet of vehicles (cars, trucks, boats and OHRVs) has been maintained in part at the facility for many years. Rising costs of training, manuals, specialized diagnostic equipment and energy are a factor in the decision to close the facility. The Department anticipates a savings of $50,000 per year through the closure. In addition, were it to remain open, the facility would require expensive renovations and equipment changes to keep up with modern vehicle service needs.


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