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April 21, 2005

At Conclusion of Hearing, Laro's Hunting License Revoked for Minimum of 10 Years

CONCORD, N.H. -- The New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission has voted to revoke the hunting license of Steven R. Laro for a minimum of 10 years. In accordance with the motion, Laro will be eligible to re-apply for a hunting license at any time following the 10-year period, but he would be required to successfully complete a Hunter Education course and appear before the Fish and Game Commission and Executive Director before his hunting privileges could be restored.

The decision followed a two-day Commission hearing and a unanimous roll-call vote of Commissioners and Executive Director Lee E. Perry.

The decision will become final upon issuance of a written order, signed by all 11 Fish and Game Commissioners and Perry. According to Commission Chairman Ted Tichy, it is anticipated that the order will be presented at the Fish and Game Commission meeting on Wednesday, April 27.

The hearing was called following Laro's involvement in a fatal hunting-related incident in January 2004 in which he shot and killed his hunting companion, Robert H. Proulx. In December of 2004, a jury acquitted Laro of negligent homicide and of felonious use of a firearm. After considering evidence and hearing testimony from Laro and others, the Fish and Game Commission members concluded that Laro handled firearms improperly during the incident, so as to endanger human life or property. Laro's license was revoked under New Hampshire Title XVIII, RSA 214:18.

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