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December 23, 2004

Free Training Offered for "Wonders of Wildlife" Volunteers

CONCORD, N.H. -- If you enjoy wildlife and kids, have time to volunteer during the day, and live in the western part of the state, an upcoming training course offers a chance to get involved as a Wonders of Wildlife (WOW) educator for the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. A three-month training course (with one 2-hour class per week) for new volunteers will run from February 3 to April 21, 2005, in Enfield, N.H. To register, email; call (603) 846-5108; or write to Mary Goodyear, Twin Mountain Fish and Wildlife Center, RR1 Box 341, Whitefield, NH 03598.

"WOW is a great way to get involved with natural resource education," says Mary Goodyear, a Wildlife Educator for Fish and Game. "Our volunteer docents are trained environmental educators who have had a chance to learn first-hand from wildlife biologists and other ecology experts through courses like this training session."

What does a WOW volunteer do? Trained WOW docents travel to schools or organized youth groups to present programs on New Hampshire wildlife and endangered species, aquatic ecology and wetlands. They also can lead activities for environmental festivals and field days.

WOW volunteers get 11 sessions of free training, focusing on topics such as the importance of wildlife habitat; wildlife restoration programs in New Hampshire; and furbearers. Volunteers also are trained in teaching techniques and specific environmental school programs presented by Fish and Game. Through lectures and hands-on materials and activities, volunteers explore a wide range of wildlife themes, including migratory birds, deer population concerns and the future of endangered species in the state.

Participating in the WOW program requires a long-term commitment. After their training is completed, WOW volunteers provide a minimum of 48 volunteer hours in natural resource education over the following two school years, delivering programs to schoolchildren or youth groups. Both the training sessions and presentations take place during school-day hours. Volunteers may receive mileage reimbursement for their travel to presentations.

Click here for more about the WOW program, including a full schedule of WOW docent training sessions and an application. WOW volunteers must register for the entire series.

New Hampshire Fish and Game works to conserve, manage and protect the state's fish and wildlife and their habitats, as well as informing and educating the public about these resources.

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