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November 1, 2004

Where Can I Hunt in N.H.? Resources Include New Online WMA Guide

CONCORD, N.H. -- Longtime hunters have special -- often secret -- places where they go year after year to try and tag a deer. For those new to hunting, or those whose secret place just became a parking lot, the challenge is deciding where to go. The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department website at has resources to assist hunters in determining where they should do their scouting and hunting.

  • The new Wildlife Management Area (WMA) Guide (click here). WMAs are one of New Hampshire's best-kept hunting secrets. Now you can get detailed information about the largest 24 WMAs in New Hampshire on the Fish and Game website. These thousands of acres of undeveloped public land are owned by the N.H. Fish and Game Department and designated as areas for wildlife resource conservation, hunting and fishing.
  • Federal and state lands. Most state and federal lands in New Hampshire, including the 751,000-acre White Mountain National Forest, allow hunting. Fish and Game has guidelines for which lands are huntable (click here), plus answers to common questions about hunting on state-owned lands (click here).
  • Private lands, including timber and paper lands. New Hampshire has a strong tradition of public use of private lands. Many landowners generously keep their property open to hunters. Hunters should use courtesy and common sense when hunting on private land: Personally ask for and gain permission before going hunting; treat the land and the landowner with the highest respect; leave no trace of your presence.

The New Hampshire Atlas and Gazeteer from the DeLorme map company, available for purchase from most bookstores and from Fish and Game headquarters (click here for info), is an indispensable resource for hunters. It shows many conservation easement properties and WMAs throughout the state -- look for the shaded green parcels.

So, fire up your computer, get out your Gazeteer, and Hunt New Hampshire -- It's a whole new season!

Click here to buy your hunting license online.

Click here for information on hunting seasons in New Hampshire.

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