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December 21, 2004

Manchester Deer Captured

CONCORD, N.H. -- The young female deer that was routinely being fed by residents of a neighborhood on Manchester's West Side was captured by Fish and Game staff today near Route I-93 and transported to a rehabilitation facility.

"When fed by people, deer lose their wild nature and leave their natural habitat," said Mark Ellingwood, supervisor of wildlife programs for N.H. Fish and Game. "We recently became aware of the Manchester situation, and we had to take action, because the deer was endangering its own life and that of motorists by crossing city streets." The deer in question, reportedly orphaned, had been fed by local residents since August. Some residents came into close contact with the deer, raising concern for the possible transmission of disease.

The licensed New Hampshire wildlife rehabilitator, who prefers to remain anonymous, will work closely with Fish and Game staff.

Ellingwood reminds residents to not feed deer. "If you care about the health of our wildlife, don't feed deer," he said. "If you find a wild animal, leave it alone. A deer that gets habituated to people doesn't learn how to interact or socialize with other deer. It is unpredictable and poorly adapted -- it's no longer a wild animal."

It is also dangerous to get close to wildlife, Ellingwood noted. "People who make contact with wild animals may be jeopardizing their own health and the future well-being of the animal," he said.


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