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November 15, 2004

ASMFC Presents Annual Awards of Excellence to Herb Drake & Artie Odlin

New Castle, NH -- Captain Herb Drake and Mr. Artie Odlin, two prominent New England fishing industry leaders and conservation advocates, were presented the Commission's Annual Award of Excellence at the ASMFC's Annual Meeting in New Castle, New Hampshire. They received awards for their efforts in the areas of Management, Policy & Legislative and Scientific, Technical & Advisory, respectively.

"Every year a great many people contribute to the success of fisheries management along the Atlantic coast. The Commission's Annual Awards of Excellence recognizes outstanding efforts by professionals who have made a difference in the way we manage and conserve our fisheries," stated ASMFC Chair, John Nelson of New Hampshire. "Today, we honor Herb Drake and Artie Odlin for their contributions to the management and conservation of Atlantic coast fisheries."

A life-long commercial and recreational fisherman, and a long-term supporter of the Commission's programs, Captain Drake has dedicated his life to promoting fisheries conservation and management along the Atlantic coast. As someone who typifies the enduring image of a New England fisherman, he has always spoken out for what he thought was right for both the fishermen and the resource. Throughout his distinguished career in public service, he has represented coastal communities of New Hampshire serving on the New England Fishery Management Council and the Commission, and in the New Hampshire Legislature. Over the last decade, he has assisted the Commission as a liaison to Congress, educating congressional staff on the importance of the Commission's programs and the need for consistent, long-term funding for Atlantic coast fisheries conservation and management activities

Throughout his long fishing career, Mr. Odlin has balanced his passion for commercial fishing with his strong conservation ethic for the resources he has pursued. He has been an active participant in the New England Fishery Management Council and a longstanding member to the Commission's Advisory Panels for Atlantic Herring and Northern Shrimp. A life-long fisherman, he has participated in a variety of fisheries. Most recently, he has been an aircraft spotter pilot for the menhaden and Atlantic herring fisheries. He was insturmental in introducing the Nordmore Grate, a proven gear technology to prevent the unwanted harvest of small fish, to the New England shrimp industry. Today, the shrimp fishery is widely accepted as one of the cleanest fisheries in New England, saving millions of pounds of groundfish from being discarded as bycatch.

The Commission established the Annual Awards of Excellence in 1998 to recognize the important contributions of individuals to the success of the organization. The awards are given in the areas of law enforcement, legislation, management & policy, and scientific, technical & advisory contributions. Each year, the Commission honors the very best contributions in those areas. For more information, contact Laura Leach, Director of Finance and Administration, at (202) 289-6400. ASMFC:

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