Junior Duck Stamp Contest First-Place Winners, 2003

Congratulations to winners and thanks to all who entered this year's contest!

NEWS MEDIA: Hi-res/print-ready images are available. Contact lpoinier@wildlife.state.nh.us.

"Double Duck" -- Mallards by Elizabeth Beaudoin, age 16, Derry
Wood duck by Natasha Denault, age 15, Bristol
Spot-billed duck by Nicole Faro, age 12, Bristol
Wood duck by Rick Knight, age 12, Dover
Northern pintails by Emma Erler, age 12, Bristol
Black-bellied whistling duck by Michael Medeiros, age 11, Concord
Mallards by Carole Platka, age 13, Grafton
Wood duck by Nicholas Morrow, age 8, Concord
Mallard by Benjamin Leavitt, age 9, Dover
Fulvous whistling duck by
Zachary Medeiros, age 7, Concord




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