Statement by Stephen Hessert
March 5, 2003

Cumberland, ME -- I want to express the deepest appreciation from myself and my family in the efforts of the New Hampshire law enforcement community, both state and local, in apprehending the fellow who struck me while I was dogsledding near Success Pond two weeks ago. I believe that the person who did this should be held accountable for leaving me that day.

I want to also express my deepest appreciation for the people who came to my rescue.

I have received lots of cards, letters, and other communications from snowmobilers and others from the Berlin community. I appreciate that. I know that this man's actions are not representative of snowmobilers in general and it is my hope that this terrible accident will send a message to all people who use the trail networks in the winter that care must be given to assure everyone's safety.

I express my special thanks to the efforts of the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association and its many clubs across the state for their expressions of support and encouragement.

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