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Spotlight on Hunting - Free Workshop in Northwood

Outdoor Recreation in the NALMC Neighborhood: Free Talk on May 10, 2014

NORTHWOOD, N.H. -- Folks who may be interested in getting into hunting, and those who share the woods with hunters and are interested in learning more about this outdoor pursuit, should check out a free workshop on May 10, 2014, at Camp Wah-Tut-Ca, 292 Blakes Hill Road, in Northwood, NH 03261. For more information, see the agenda below or contact Jim Oehler at or 603-271-0453 (RSVP desired but not required). This fun event starts with a pot-luck lunch at noon and continues through 5 p.m.

From sea ducks on the coast to moose in the North Country, New Hampshire hunters anxiously await the coming of hunting season. Most set aside a few days or a weekend and some reserve several weeks to a month or more to pursue their quarry. But in a day and age when low-cost, readily available food is nearly everywhere, why would anyone consider battling the elements, losing precious sleep, missing work, and at times, spending large sums of money in an attempt to get sustenance the “hard” way? And is it really safe for other recreationalists to be out in the woods with hunters? Come to this workshop and find out!

Led by NH Fish and Game State Lands Habitat Biologist Jim Oehler and Fish and Game Owl Brook Hunter Education Center Coordinator Tom Flynn, as well as Hunter Education volunteer instructors, this session will provide an overview of the different types of hunting seasons relevant to the Northwood area, basic hunting techniques, safety considerations for both hunters and non-hunters, and how hunting lead to the birth of wildlife conservation. Some of your own neighbors will share their thoughts on why they hunt.

When?  Saturday, May 10, 2014

Who is This Workshop For?  Folks who may be interested in getting into hunting, and those who share the woods with hunters and are interested in learning more about this outdoor pursuit.

Location: Camp Wah-Tut-Ca, 292 Blakes Hill Rd, Northwood, NH 03261.

Directions: From the corner of Blakes Hill Rd and Route 4, head south on Blakes Hill Rd for 0.8 miles.  Keep right at intersection with Kelsey Mill Rd to stay on Blakes Hill Rd.  Continue for another 0.5 miles past Meadow Lane to the entrance of Camp Wat-Tut-Ca, which will be on the right.


12:00-1:00           Potluck Lunch – Bring Your Own Dish to Pass

1:00-2:00              Introduction to Hunting: Seasons, Techniques, and Personal Safety: Tom Flynn, NH Fish & Game, Owl Brook Hunter Education Facility Coordinator

This presentation will provide a basic overview of hunting seasons and techniques for game species relevant to the Northwood area, namely deer, turkey, bear, and waterfowl.  It will also provide an overview of the state’s hunter education programs and safety considerations for both hunters and other types of recreationalists.

2:00-2:30              Hunting as an Integral Part in Conserving Wildlife: Jim Oehler, NH Fish & Game, State Lands Habitat Biologist

This presentation will introduce the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, the model that has been used for more than a century by every state wildlife agency in the nation, and that has led to several wildlife conservation success stories.  It will also describe how hunting played the primary role in the birth of this model, and how hunting is still used today to conserve wildlife populations in balance with habitat capability and societal needs and desires.

2:30-3:00              Break

3:00-3:30              Voices from the NALMC Neighborhood: Why We Hunt
2-3 hunters who live and hunt in the NALMC neighborhood will explain, in their own words, why they choose to hunt.

3:30-4:00              Facilitated Q&A 

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