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December 21, 2013

New Rules for 2014: Hunter and Bowhunter Education to Be Combined

2014 Is Last Opportunity to Take Bowhunter Education as Stand-alone Course

Hunters afield

CONCORD, N.H. – New for 2014, as of January 1, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department will combine the basic hunter education program and the specialized bowhunter education program into one course, referred to simply as "hunter education." Those completing the course will get a single certification card that allows them to purchase both the regular firearms hunting license and an archery hunting license.

Separate bowhunter education courses will continue to be offered for a limited time -- only for the 2014 calendar year -- so anyone currently holding a Hunter Education certificate who wants to add the bowhunter certification without taking the combined course needs to do it in 2014.  After January 1, 2015, only the combined course will be offered.

"This change will improve the Hunter Education experience in New Hampshire. Previously, there was quite a bit of duplication between hunter education and bowhunter education classes. This change streamlines the process for those needing both certifications and all participants will benefit," said Fish and Game Hunter Education Coordinator Joshua Mackay.Wildlife Restoration program

Hunter Education activities in New Hampshire are funded by the federal Wildlife Restoration Program, supported by an excise tax on firearms, ammunition and archery supplies. Learn more at


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