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MARCH 8, 2013

ASMFC Northern Shrimp Section Modifies Landing Days for Trawl and Trap Fisheries

Daily Limit Removed for Trap Fishery

Arlington, VA –The Commission’s Northern Shrimp Section has extended the number of allowed landing days for the 2013 northern shrimp trawl fishery. Effective March 13, 2013, the trap and trawl fisheries will be able to land shrimp seven days a week (Monday through Sunday). Additionally, the trap and trawl fisheries will close effective 2359 hours (EST) on April 12, 2013.  The Section maintained the requirement to have each fishery close when 85% of its total allowable catch (TAC) is projected to be reached and a 4-day advance notice will be issued prior to the closure of each fishery. Finally, the Section removed the daily trip limit (500 pounds) for the trap fishery.

The Section’s action is based on observed low landings since the start of the northern shrimp trawl season on January 22nd and the desire to provide fishermen with greater flexibility and safer access to the resource.  Even with these modifications, the Section does not anticipate that the trawl or trap TAC will be harvested prior to the April 12, 2013, closure date.

For more information, please contact Mike Waine, Fishery Management Plan Coordinator, at or 703.842.0740.




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