NH License Forms

The following license types are available at Fish and Game Headquarters in Concord by application only. Click on the name of the license (below) to download a print-and-mail application form (PDF format).

Disabled License types must meet certain criteria with application signed off by a physician and are generally only available to residents of NH. The following are print-and-mail applications available for download:

Miscellaneous Hunting/Trapping Permits available to both residents and nonresidents of New Hampshire; a current NH Hunting License is required (may be purchased at the same time using the license form application):

*Nonresidents - View bear dog hunting and training reciprocity list by state.

Other Miscellaneous Licenses:

  • Active Duty Military License - Fishing or Combination Hunting and Fishing License, NH must be home of record.
  • Non-resident Student License - Full-time students attending school in New Hampshire may purchase non-resident fishing (freshwater or recreational saltwater) or hunting licenses at resident rates. Must be registered for 12 credit hours per semester, and show valid ID.
  • Guides License Application - To engage in the business of guiding in the state. Please note: New guide license applicants must contact N.H. Fish and Game's Law Enforcement Division at (603) 271-3127 to request a study packet for testing requirements; this must be done before submitting your application. A N.H. Fish and Game Department review of application is required prior to issuance of guides license.
  • Permit to Guide Bear Application - Required for hunting guides to guide for bear. Needed in addition to the hunting guide license.
  • Taxidermy Report and Application - Required for those involved in taxidermy (the process of preparing, as in, but not limited to, preserving, stuffing and mounting the skins of wildlife for compensation).
  • Summer Camp/Education Facility Permit - Group license for summer camps or educational facilities for students under the age of 20 years.
  • Non Resident Honorary - Fishing or Combination Hunting and Fishing License for professional nonresident outdoor writers only.]

Bait Dealer Licenses and Forms

Miscellaneous Permits:

Special Permits Pertaining to Wildlife/Fish: Includes printable forms for permits for exhibition, propagation, importation, possession of live wildlife, individual training and shooting, regulated shooting area, rehabilitation, falconry, permit to release, and inland aquaculture.

Marine License Applications: Printable marine license application forms- includes Lobster and Crab License, Commercial Clam License, Lifetime Limited Saltwater License, Saltwater Vessel License, etc.

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