Becoming a NH Hunting or Fishing Guide

A guide's license authorizes the licensed person to "direct, aid, assist or instruct another person in taking wildlife in this state" and to charge a fee (RSA 207:1 XIII).

A person may become licensed to guide for fishing, hunting or both.


The minimum age to become a guide is 18.

Applicants must have a clean Fish and Game record and a clean criminal record.

Licensed Guide Prerequisites:

  • Certification in both CPR and First Aid
  • Proof of Hunter Education if applying for the hunting guide license.
Application Process

You must complete an application form and pass a 50-question written exam for the specific license (must take both tests in order to get both licenses).

Please note: New guide license applicants must contact N.H. Fish and Game's Law Enforcement Division at  to request a study packet for testing requirements; this must be done before submitting your application. For additional information, write to Fish and Game's Law Enforcement Division at or call (603) 271-3127.

For more details on testing requirements and fees for becoming a licensed guide, and recommended study materials, CLICK HERE.

Click here to download a print-and-mail N.H. Guide License application form.

Note: For guiding bear hunts, a Permit to Guide Bear is required in addition to the hunting guide license. Click here for an application for this permit.


Laws concerning guiding are found in Chapter 215 of the State RSAs (click here to read).

Current licensed NH guide lists


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