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This page contains links to existing laws and rules for NH Fish and Game, plus proposed bills and proposed rule changes that might affect Fish and Game's constituents or operations.

For a synopsis of NH hunting or fishing regulations, see:

NEW! Bills of Interest to NH Fish and Game

N.H. Statutes (Laws): N.H. Code of Administrative Rules:



State statutes are created by the New Hampshire Legislature and are published in the New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated and serve as legal authority for the Department.

All current New Hampshire state laws can be found at the Revised Statutes Online website. Most laws for the N.H. Fish and Game Department are listed under TITLE XVIII: FISH AND GAME (CLICK here).

Legislative Process

It is through the legislative process (click for brief primer on the NH legislative process) that laws are adopted, repealed or changed. Click here to download the NH General Court Legislative Handbook (PDF; will launch in separate window/tab).

To access all information about the Legislature, go to the N.H. General Court website. This site will give you access to find a wealth of information, not only about legislation (bills) being considered, hearing dates and bill status, but all kinds of information including contact information for your State Senators and Representatives and the committees on which they serve. Most Fish and Game-related bills go through these two policy committees:

Interested in the status of a particular wildlife-related or other bill? Click here for a list of 2011 bills (updated weekly). Or, check out the State Legislation Dash Board for various ways to search bills to get up to date information.


The N.H. Code of Administrative Rules is promulgated by state agencies under the Administrative Procedure Act (RSA 541-A). State Administrative Rules are used to specify the implementation of a statute and have the full force and effect of law.

Rulemaking Process

How are state rules changed or updated? The Office of Legislative Services has prepared several concise articles to help you understand New Hampshire's regulatory (rulemaking) process:

Whenever Fish and Game is going to change a rule, the public process begins with the publication of the NOTICE form, which provides a summary of the proposed rules, the date, time and location of the public hearing(s) and the public comment period. After the public hearing, the Department publishes the Final Proposal, which contains the changes made as a result of public comment, and one of the last steps is when the Final Proposal goes before the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (JLCAR) for their review and approval. 

To view Proposed Fish and Game rules, CLICK here.

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