Fis 301.06  Bear Season.

          (a)  For purposes of this section the state shall be divided into wildlife management units, as described in Fis 301.02.

          (b)  The open season for bear by the use of bow and arrow or firearms, by methods other than by the use and aid of dogs or bait shall be as follows:

(1)  Wildlife management units H2, K, L and M shall open September 1 and close September 21;

(2)  Wildlife management units A, B, C2, D1, G, H1, I1, I2, J1 and J2 shall open September 1 and close the day before firearms deer season as specified in Fis 301.03(e); and

(3)  Wildlife management units C1, D2, E and F shall open September 1 and close the 14th day of the regular firearms season as specified in Fis 301.03(f).

          (c)  Black bear may be taken by the aid and use of bait in accordance with RSA 207:3-d, Fis 307.01 and Fis 307.02.

          (d)  Dogs may be used for taking bear in wildlife management units A, B, C1, C2, D1, D2, E, F, G, H1, I1, I2, J1 and J2 for 51 consecutive days ending the last day of the muzzleloader deer season as specified in Fis 301.03(e).

          (e)  Wild black bear may be taken by the aid and use of not more than 6 dogs, after obtaining a permit pursuant to Fis 1102.12.

          (f)  Training of bear dogs shall be in accordance with Fis 305.02.

          (g)  In addition to the requirements in RSA 207:3-e, no person shall use telemetry equipment to track or locate bear dogs within 300 feet of a building occupied as a person's principle place of abode.

          (h)  Licensed guides may guide for taking bear during the open season as specified in Fis 301.06(b), Fis 301.06(c), and Fis 301.06(d).  The person licensed for guiding shall prior to guiding obtain from the department a permit to guide bear hunters.  There shall be a limit of 35 permits per season to guide for taking bear as specified in Fis 1102.06.  Bear guide permits shall be issued on a first-come first-served basis.

          (i)  Each licensed guide who has been issued a permit to take a bear as described in Fis 1102.06 shall be issued 6 guided bear transportation tags described in Fis 1102.07 subject to the following:

(1)  All bear taken by hunters through the assistance of a licensed guide shall be tagged with both the hunters bear tag and a guided bear transportation tag from the guide who assisted the hunter;

(2)  Section A of the tag shall be signed by the hunter and securely affixed to the carcass of the bear immediately upon killing the bear;

(3)  Section A shall remain attached to the bear carcass or parts thereof until such time as the bear has been tagged by a New Hampshire conservation officer or fish and game personnel authorized by the director as required in Fis 301.06(p); and

(4)  Section B of the guided bear transportation tag shall be completely filled out and mailed or forwarded by the licensed guide to fish and game headquarters, 11 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH  03301 within 5 days of the time of the kill.

(5)  Guided bear transportation tags shall be non-transferable.

          (j)  Wild black bear shall not be taken except by:

(1)  Firearms of a size larger than .22 caliber rimfire;

(2)  A shotgun loaded with a single ball;

(3)  Muzzleloaders not less than .40 caliber; or

(4)  Bow and arrow of at least 40 pounds peak weight measured at 28 inches or less draw.

          (k)  No person shall use any device secured to or supported by the bow for the purpose of maintaining the bow string at full draw in a firing position.

          (l)  Except as provided in RSA 207:7-a, bear shall not be taken by a bow while the person is in or on a motorized vehicle.

          (m)  No arrow shall be used other than broadheads as follows:

(1)  Fixed blade broadheads shall not be less than 7/8 of an inch or more than 1 1/2 inches wide;

(2)  Retractable blade broadheads may be smaller than 7/8 of an inch wide in flight, but shall not be less than 7/8 of an inch wide when open;

(3)  There shall be no upper size limit on retractable blade broadheads; and

(4)  When arrows are used to take bear, the name and address of the archer shall be plainly printed on each arrow.

          (n)  Immediately upon killing a bear the licensee shall fill in the appropriate bear tag, sign the tag and attach the tag to the bear.

          (o)  The bear tag shall contain the following:

(1)  The licensee’s name and street address;

(2)  The date and time of kill; and

(3)  The wildlife management unit in which the kill occurred.
(p)  Any person who kills wild bear pursuant to this section shall, within 12 hours from the time of taking, notify a conservation officer and, within 24 hours, exhibit the whole bear or the following body parts of a bear for tagging with a numbered seal by a New Hampshire conservation officer or fish and game personnel:

(1)  Entire carcass, skinned or quartered, excluding viscera;

(2)  Legs and feet;

(3)  Intact skull;

(4)  Hide; and

(5)  Sex organs, including teats from females so that a positive sex determination can be made.

          (q)  At the time of tagging, the conservation officer or fish and game personnel shall remove a tooth from such bear and record other information as specified in Fis 301.05.

          (r)  If requested, any person who kills a wild black bear shall be required to take fish and game personnel back to the kill site, the site of carcass evisceration, or both for purposes such as, but not limited to, verification of kill site or to obtain ovaries or other biological samples left behind.

          (s)  No person shall take more than one wild black bear in a calendar year.

          (t)  No person shall take bear by trapping or snaring.

          (u)  No person shall possess the carcass or any part of the carcass of a wild black bear without the bear tag or registration seal attached to it or by special permission of the executive director or the executive director’s agent.

          (v)  Notwithstanding Fis 301.06(u), no person shall possess a bear or any parts of the carcass of a bear given to the person by another unless each piece or package given to such person is clearly marked or labeled with the date of its receipt and the name and address of the donor.

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