Fis 1106.05  Training Dogs.

          (a)  Applicants for a permit to train dogs under RSA 207:12-a shall make application which shall include:

(1)  The name, address and telephone number of the applicant;
(2)   Applicants date of birth;

(3)  The number and breed of dogs to be trained, the current and valid dog license numbers or the kennel license number, and the name of the town where licensed;

(4)  The species of animal or bird which will be utilized for the training of the dogs;

(5)  The time of day and day of the week proposed for such training;

(6)  The type and number of the hunting license held by the applicant;

(7)  The individual frequencies to be utilized while training; and

(8)  The applicant’s signature, signed subject to the penalties for making unsworn false statements under RSA 641:3.

Source.  (See Revision Note at chapter heading for Fis 1100) #8183, eff 9-28-04 (formerly Fis 1105.01); ss by #9800-B, eff 1-1-11

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