Fis 1102.12  Use of Dogs to Take Bear.

          (a)  Applicants for a permit to use dogs to take bear shall provide on a form provided by the department:

(1)  Name and address of applicant;

(2)  New Hampshire hunting license number;

(3)  Telephone number of applicant;

(4)  Date of birth of applicant;

(5)  Date of permit;

(6)  The individual frequency of each radio collar to be utilized while taking bear if applicable; and

(7)  Signature of applicant, signed subject to the penalties for making unsworn false statements under RSA 641:3.

          (b)  Prior to hunting, the permittee shall distribute the copies of the permit as follows:

(1)  The white copy shall be retained on the permittee while hunting bear with dogs; and

(2)  The canary copy shall be submitted to the fish and game department.

          (c)  The permit to take bear with dogs shall become effective when the canary copy is presented in hand at fish and game headquarters or regional office, or submitted to a conservation officer.

          (d)  A permit to take bear with dogs shall be valid for a single permittee only and have only the permittee’s name entered on the permit.

          (e)  A permit to take bear with hounds shall expire at the end of the dog hunting season for bear as specified in Fis 301.03(d), in the year for which the permit was issued.

Source.  (See Revision Note at chapter heading for Fis 1100) #8183, eff 9-28-04 (formerly Fis 1105.03); amd by #9720-A, eff 6-5-10, (paras (b)-(e)); amd by #9720-B, eff 6-5-10, (para (a))

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