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The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department’s Air Boat was acquired in 2004 through a Department of Homeland Security Grant.

The Air Boat has many different functions which include, but are not limited to:

  • Drowning Recoveries
  • Training Exercises
  • Dive Trainings
  • Dive Missions
  • Safety details such as the Lake Winnipesaukee’s Annual Winni Dip
  • Thin Ice Rescues
  • Fish Stocking
  • Daily Patrol on Lakes and Rivers

Air Boat Specifications

  • Year of Manufacture 2004
  • Boat Model – Yankee Badger 5018
  • Motor – Chevrolet 350 Cubic Inches
  • Motor Output – 350 Horsepower
  • Boat Length – 18 feet long
  • Boat Beam – 8 Feet
  • Boat Transom Height – 20 inches

The Air Boat Team consists of 4 operators strategically assigned throughout the State.

Along with ongoing training, the operators received 40 hours of in service training that involves the operation of the airboat under all types of conditions and in all types of environments.

Training also includes hours of safety training, boat and trailer maintenance. The Air Boat is capable of operating in flood conditions down to 1 inch of water and on land.

Air Boat Operators:

  • Major Kevin Jordan
  • Lieutenant Jeffrey Marston
  • Sergeant David Walsh
  • Conservation Officer Mark Hensel


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