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The class Conservation Officer Trainee is being announced at this time for the purpose of establishing a register to be used in staffing current and future vacancies in the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. Conservation Officer Trainees perform fieldwork in the development and maintenance of favorable wildlife conditions by enforcing state wildlife laws and rules.

These positions have a starting salary of $39,661.44; after a successful probationary period of one (1) year, Conservation Officer Trainees are promoted to Conservation Officer I with a beginning salary of $42,931.20.

Applications must be submitted to NH Fish and Game on or before Friday, April 19, 2013.

DATES/PLACE OF WRITTEN EXAMINATIONS:  The written exam will be held Tuesday, May 7, 2013, in Concord, New Hampshire. Those candidates possessing the necessary minimum qualifications for the position of Conservation Officer Trainee will be notified by mail of the date, time, and place of written examination.
DATES/PLACE OF PHYSICAL APTITUDE TESTS: The second phase of the selection process is the physical aptitude testing. Those candidates who pass the written exam will receive information regarding the physical aptitude test the same day as the written exam. As positions become available during the duration of the register, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department will review the list of candidates and invite those with particularly relevant qualifications to participate in structured interviews, background investigations, polygraph examinations, medical examinations, etc.
WEIGHTS OF EXAMINATION PHASES:  Candidates' final register scores will derive solely from the written examination. The written examination minimum passing earned rating is 70.0%; the physical aptitude test is rated on a "pass" or "disqualify" basis.
PHYSICAL APTITUDE TESTS: Physical aptitude and agility testing will take place after the written examination and will be conducted by the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department. Specific date and time to be determined.

Description of Physical Aptitude Test

1. Water Requirements: (A) Tread water for 15 minutes; (B) Swim 200 yards, in 7 minutes, using any stroke except the dog paddle.
2. 1½ mile run – 12-minute time allowance.
3. Using an attached rope, candidates must drag (continuous motion/without stopping) a 185 lb. object a distance of 75 feet.
4. Simulated litter carry: The candidate, with a 20 lb. backpack, must carry a pail weighing 35 lbs. up and down a flight of 22 stairs a total of five (5) complete times. Once the candidate has commenced the exercise, s(he) may not change hands to carry the pail, set it down, or stop forward motion in ascending or descending the stairs.

MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS:  After conditional offers of employment have been made, prospective appointees must pass a comprehensive medical examination provided at state expense. The physician administering medical examinations will be selected by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. Candidates should be in excellent physical condition and take corrective measures, if necessary, before the medical examination date. No physical conditions can exist prohibiting appointees from performing the duties and responsibilities of the Conservation Officer Trainee positions.

Special Note: All candidates will be subject to unannounced drug testing at any point during the selection process. In addition, before appointments are made, candidates will undergo comprehensive background investigations and polygraph examinations. Only candidates who possess conviction-free records of serious offenses will be eligible for appointment.
SCOPE OF WORK: Task performance requires incumbents to conduct investigations, perform search and rescue activities, and promote proper wildlife management; also, Conservation Officer Trainees provide information to groups about wildlife and ecology and teach classes addressing hunter safety, proper OHRV operation, trapper education, aquatic education, etc.; perform related work as required.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Associates Degree or 60 credit hours from a recognized college with a major field of study preferably in wildlife management, conservation, criminal justice, or the equivalent and no experience; OR completion of high school, G.E.D., or its equivalent and two years of full-time employment as a certified police officer in a recognized jurisdiction or two years of experience in the military on full-time active duty with an honorable discharge. Applicants who have completed post-secondary educational coursework, received police officer certification, or satisfactorily completed military service must submit documentation (transcript, proof of police certification, or certificate of honorable discharge) with their applications in order to participate in the examination process.


1. AGE: Must be at least 21 years of age as of the date the written exam is administered.
2. EYESIGHT: Must be at least 20/40 in each eye uncorrected and correctable to 20/20 in each eye and have normal color perception; prospective appointees’ vision will be checked after a conditional offer of employment has taken place.
3. HEARING: Must possess normal hearing without the use of hearing aids.
4. PHYSICAL FITNESS & STRENGTH: Candidates must pass a job-related physical aptitude test designed to measure the ability to perform physically demanding tasks encountered in job performance.
5. GENERAL: Candidates receiving conditional offers of employment must pass a prescribed medical examination, eyesight examination, and participate in a polygraph test. Thorough background investigations of prospective appointees will be conducted before appointments are finalized. Candidates must be willing to accept employment anywhere in the State of New Hampshire.
6. DRIVER’S LICENSE: Upon appointment, candidates must obtain a New Hampshire driver’s license in compliance with New Hampshire statutes governing driver’s licenses and registrations.
7. LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER CERTIFICATION: Candidates must be able to obtain law enforcement officer certification within the timeframe established by the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council OR be in possession of law enforcement officer certification from a recognized jurisdiction at the time of appointment. The New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council is responsible for providing technical assistance facilitating jurisdictions’ compliance with legislation requiring prospective law enforcement personnel who have received conditional offers of employment to successfully participate in medical (includes drug screening), psychological, and physical aptitude testing. Thereafter, these newly hired officers must, at three (3) year intervals, pass a medical examination and meet prescribed Cooper Aerobics Institute physical fitness performance standards as conditions of continued certification and employment.
WORKER CHARACTERISTICS REQUIRED UPON APPOINTMENT: Basis of the written examination administered by the New Hampshire Division of Personnel and the physical aptitude test administered by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. Candidates will be evaluated on the basis of demonstrated possession of the following worker characteristics or traits - knowledge of: animals, fish and birds (identification, habits and habitat); hunting, fishing and trapping techniques and equipment; woodlore (tracking and survival); investigative methods and techniques (basic judgment in interviewing witnesses and handling complaints; law enforcement and legal terminology; analyzing facts and drawing conclusions; collecting and preserving evidence); rescue and safety (weapon safety; hunting safety; operation and maintenance of service and sporting weapons; boats and off-highway recreational vehicles; concern for safety and protection); federal and state wildlife laws and rules; methods of teaching hunter safety/public relations; basic mathematics – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and percentages; basic writing skills including proper spelling, punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure, etc.; ability to: read and understand written materials. The physical aptitude test will determine candidates' ability to perform physically demanding tasks required on the job. Candidates must be willing to maintain an appearance appropriate to assigned duties and responsibilities as determined by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.
Candidates will be checked for identification and verification of required age (attainment of 21st birthday prior to or on date of written exam) before entering the place of written examination and must present identification (photo driver’s license recommended) together with an admission notice.
COMPUTING THE PASSING REGISTER GRADE:  Candidates must obtain an earned rating of no less than 70.0% in the written examination in order to be considered for participation in the physical aptitude test. War veteran's preference is added only to a final passing earned rating in the written examination. Proper war veteran's preference documentation must indicate possession of the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal or Theater of Operations Service Medal and should be submitted with the Application for Employment.
HOW TO APPLY:  These positions do not require residency in the State of New Hampshire at the time of application submittal. Candidates must submit a State of New Hampshire Application for Employment that may be secured from the New Hampshire Division of Personnel, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, or any local office of New Hampshire Employment Security. Applications can be downloaded from the New Hampshire Division of Personnel website TDD Access: Relay in NH 1-800-735-2964.

Candidates must describe their training and experience fully on the Application for Employment. This is the information on which review of qualifications is based. Other relevant information can be obtained from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department’s website

Completed applications must be submitted directly to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, Human Resources Section, 11 Hazen Drive, Concord, New Hampshire 03301 or email

For further information on this position, please call the New Hampshire Fish and Game Law Enforcement Division, (603) 271-3127.



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