Youth Hunting in New Hampshire

  • Jeff Bousquet and his mom Staci

    Jeff Bousquet of Barnstead, age 15, after his successful 2009 youth deer hunt, with his mom Staci. He made the 230+ yard shot with his father's 30-06. Jeff took his first deer during the 2007 youth weekend. Congrats to this outdoors family!

    There is no minimum age for youth hunting in New Hampshire
  • Youth hunters can hunt all species during the open season
  • All youth hunters under age 16 must be ACCOMPANIED by a licensed adult 18 years or older while hunting. "Accompanied" means within sight and hearing, excluding electronic devices, when actual physical direction and control can be effected, pursuant to RSA 207:1, XXX
  • Accompanying adults may not carry a firearm or bow during the special youth hunting weekends, but may during the regular hunting seasons for those species
  • All deer taken by youth hunters must be tagged with either a home-made tag or the back page of the N.H. Hunting Digest
  • All deer, bear and turkey must be registered according the to rules applying to those species for adults
  • Hunter education is not required for youth hunters under age 16, but youth should try to complete the hunter education course sometime between the age of 12 and their 16th birthday. Then they will have the required hunter education certification when they apply for their first hunting license after they turn 16.
  • Both resident and nonresident youth may hunt during the special weekends, but nonresident youth are eligible for the youth deer hunt ONLY if their state of residence allows New Hampshire youth to participate in its youth deer hunt.

Youth hunters: Click to download a printable DEER or BEAR TAG! (PDF) If possible, please use this instead of the back cover of the NH Hunting Digest. Thanks.

New Hampshire offers special weekends when ONLY youth may hunt. Click for more information on:


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