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2007 Hunter Survey Results

Following are links to results from a 2007 New Hampshire Fish and Game Department survey of New Hampshire hunters. The survey was sent to approximately 20,000 New Hampshire hunting license holders in November 2007; a total of 2,062 responses were received by the Department. Survey results help decisionmakers understand the concerns, desires and preferences of New Hampshire's hunters and help guide N.H. Fish and Game's management efforts.

The new hunter survey results are presented on the basis of statewide analysis, as well as a species-specific analysis. A total of 70 questions were presented to all respondents. Answers from hunters of specific species were further summarized for questions dealing with those species. For example, a question on pheasant hunting is presented as answered by all respondents, and also as answered by pheasant hunters only.

To view survey responses, click below to download the PDF file:

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