State-managed and National Forest Lands

Trapping Permit Application - Rules and Procedures

NOTE: Units known to have historical nuisance beaver are noted on the list of available lands.

State Managed Lands Open to Trapping

The Wildlife Division of the N.H. Fish and Game Department issues trapping permits to trap on Fish and Game owned and leased lands, state forest and park lands, dam sites administered by the N.H. Department of Environmental Services, select properties owned by other agencies of the state of New Hampshire, Army Corps of Engineers Flood Control Areas and White Mountain National Forest Lands.

Permits will be issued for all available properties for a two-year period starting on October 1 of years ending in even numbers. Any permits issued after the lottery expire at the end of the period. For information on the current lottery period, click here.

Properties with large acreages are broken into non-overlapping units; more than one trapper may be assigned to the property, but no two trappers will be issued permits for the same trapping unit.

Department of Transportation lands not shown on the list of state lands available for trapping, including railroad rights-of-way, may be available directly from the Department of Transportation. Highway District Engineers at highway maintenance districts and the Administrator of the Bureau of Rail and Transit are authorized to issue trapping permits for these lands directly to trappers.

Application Procedures

1) Trappers must submit a completed application, including a listing (in order of preference) of the trapping units that he or she wants to trap. Each trapper may designate up to two licensed helpers.

2) Click here for a list of available units, which provides the location and trapping restrictions for all units, or the list may be requested from the Wildlife Division by calling (603) 271-2461. Maps of trapping units are available 24 hours on this website via the list of available units or, subject to prior notification, during regular business hours at Fish and Game headquarters in Concord.

3) Trappers have an obligation to locate all trapping units indicated on their application prior to application submission. Do not apply for units you do not intend to trap.

4) All trapping units not issued through the lottery become available on a first-come, first-served basis at Fish and Game Headquarters, Wildlife Division. Please CLICK HERE to verify permit availability before applying, and to download a printable application form.

Regulations and Penalties

1) An annual Trappers Reporting Form is given out with each trapper license. This form lists animals harvested. It must be completed and returned to the Wildlife Division by April 30 each year, even if nothing is caught or no trapping was done. The Trappers Reporting Form can be also be printed out from the main trapping page (click here for a link to download).

2) Permits may be revoked at any time during the permit period for reasons including but not limited to failure to send in a report form, failure to purchase a trapping license by October 10 of the second year of permit, failure to control nuisance beaver populations, and conviction of a trapping violation within the permit area by the trapper.

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