Cottontail Rabbit Closed Areas

Cottontail rabbit range remains very fragmented and highly limited in New Hampshire. Closure areas have been established for taking cottontails in certain areas to protect the remnant New England cottontail populations. See map below.

Closed cottontail areas

The following areas are closed to the taking of cottontail rabbits:

(1) The portion of WMUs K, M and L bound by Route 28 from the Massachusetts border in Salem, north to Route 4 in Epsom, Route 4 west to I-93 in Concord, I-93 south to I-89 in Concord, I-89 north to Route 13 in Dunbarton, Route 13 south to the Massachusetts border in Brookline.

(2) The portion of WMU L bound by Route 202/11 west from the Maine border in Rochester, to Route 16, Route 16 south to Route 125, Route 125 south to Route 101, Route 101 east to the Squamscott River, north along the Squamscott River, north along shoreline of Great and Little Bay estuary to the Piscataqua River, and northwest along the Maine border to Route 202/11 at the Maine border.

No person shall take hare or rabbits by the use of a snare.

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