Bear Baiting Permits

The bear baiting hunting season in New Hampshire starts September 1; the ending date varies by Wildlife Management Unit (for specifics, consult the current N.H. Hunting Digest).

  • During the bear baiting season, hunters holding a baiting permit, in addition to a current New Hampshire hunting license and bear permit, are permitted to hunt bear over bait in certain locations throughout the state.

  • Hunters planning to hunt bear over bait must file for a permit from Fish and Game, which requires a landowner signature giving permission to place bait on their property. There is no charge for a bait permit. Baiting applications may printed online (get printable permit). They also may be picked up at Fish and Game regional offices in Durham, Keene, New Hampton and Lancaster; from local Fish and Game Conservation Officers; and from Fish and Game headquarters in Concord. The original copy should be retained by the permittee. Make three copies and provide as follows:
    • One copy of the bait permit shall be left with the landowner.
    • One copy shall be mailed to the Wildlife Division, N.H. Fish and Game Department, 11 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH 03301.
    • One copy must be provided to the Conservation Officer in whose district  the baiting is to be done. In addition to a copy of the bait permit, the permittee must also provide the Conservation Officer a detailed topographical map depicting the location of the bait site. Learn more about contacting a Conservation Officer.

  • Permits to bait bear on State-owned or State-managed lands where baiting is generally allowed -- including NH Fish and Game, State Parks, N.H. Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED) and N.H. Department of Transportation (DOT) lands, the White Mountain National Forest and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers flood control areas -- are issued on a first-come, first-served basis starting April 1. The deadline for these applications is August 1.  To view maps of some of these lands, see the State Lands for Trapping Permit list at the following link: Note that the “Permit Available” column of the table refers to the TRAPPING PERMIT and not the baiting permit. Also note that some listed properties are NOT open to baiting.  Contact the Wildlife Division or the local Conservation Officer if you have questions on a specific property.

  • Applications for permits to bait bear on private property are not subject to the August 1 deadline, but must be signed by the private landowner and must be filed with the Conservation Officer in whose district the baiting is to be done.  No bait shall be placed until the bait permit and map have been presented to the CO in person, or until 3 days have elapsed after date of postmark, if mailed.  No bait may be placed from April 15 through August 31 (dates inclusive).  Bait may not be placed at any site until September 1.

  • Attention bear baiters! Do not use chocolate as bait. Click here for more information.

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