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N.H. Apprentice Hunting License

"Take a friend – Make a hunter"

What is the N.H. Apprentice Hunting License?
Starting January 1, 2012, New Hampshire will offer an Apprentice Hunting License, which allows people who are interested in giving hunting a try the chance to do so, under the guidance of an experienced hunter, without having to take a Hunter Education course first.

What is the purpose of the new license?
The Apprentice Hunting License gives hunters the opportunity to introduce friends and family to the hunting experience.  It gives non-hunters a chance to buy the license and try hunting before committing to taking a Hunter or Bowhunter Education class.

Where can people buy the Apprentice Hunting License?
Apprentice licenses are sold only at N.H. Fish and Game headquarters, 11 Hazen Drive in Concord, N.H., or by mail. They are not available from license agents or online.

As an agent, what do I need to know about the new license?
All you need to know is that the new license exists.  You do not have these licenses to sell.  People have to get them at Fish and Game headquarters in Concord or by mail from the Fish and Game Department.

How much does the new license cost?
The N.H. Apprentice Hunting License costs the same as a regular hunting license; the additional cost of species-specific licenses, such as pheasant, bear or turkey, is also the same for apprentice hunters.

Are people who are not residents of New Hampshire allowed to buy the N.H. Apprentice Hunting License?
Yes. The license is available to both residents and nonresidents. It is sold only at N.H. Fish and Game headquarters in Concord or by mail.

If someone purchased an Apprentice Hunting License earlier in the year and decides later to add another license, can I sell them a pheasant or turkey tag?
Apprentice license holders can buy additional species-specific licenses, but they can only do so at N.H. Fish and Game headquarters, 11 Hazen Drive in Concord, or by mail from Fish and Game headquarters.

Can I sell an Apprentice Hunting License as part of a combination hunting/fishing license?
No, agents cannot sell Apprentice Hunting Licenses, and the new license cannot be purchased as part of a combo license.

Does an Apprentice Hunting License serve as proof of a previous hunting license when purchasing a regular license in a later year?
No.  The N.H. Apprentice Hunting License can be purchased only once in a lifetime. It is good from the time of purchase through the end of the calendar year. If Apprentice Hunters want to hunt in a future year, they must first complete a hunter education or bowhunter education course, then buy a regular New Hampshire hunting license. To sell a hunting license, you need to see proof of completion of a Hunter or Bowhunter Education course or a previous regular (not Apprentice) hunting license.

Will the Apprentice Hunting License look different than the regular hunting license?
Yes.  The Apprentice Hunting License will be printed on goldenrod-colored paper and will be easily recognizable.

What are Apprentice Hunters allowed to do?
The apprentice can hunt only under the direct supervision of a properly licensed person who is 18 years of age or older. While hunting, the experienced hunter must have the apprentice within sight and hearing, excluding electronic devices, and maintain actual physical direction and control.

If people have more questions about the Apprentice Hunting License, where can they find more information?
Fish and Game has posted Frequently Asked Questions about the license on its website ( , or you can call Fish and Game Law Enforcement at 603-271-3127.


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