Special Deer Permit for Archery

New Hampshire archery hunters may purchase a Special Archery Deer Permit, valid for taking one additional antlered deer using bow and arrow during the archery deer season. Hunters can buy the permit only at the time they purchase their regular archery hunting license.

Cost: $16

Limit: Each hunter is limited to one permit.

Where to purchase: Click here to purchase online, or purchase from Fish and Game license agents throughout the state.

When to purchase: Special Archery Deer permits may only be bought at the same time hunters buy their archery license. (Please note: N.H. Fish and Game no longer sells the permits separately.)

For more information: Consult the current New Hampshire Hunting Digest, which can be downloaded from the main hunting page, or call Fish and Game licensing at (603) 271-3422.

Please note: If you are using a Special Deer Permit, you are not allowed to take two deer at the same time. The first deer taken must be registered before you attempt to take a second deer.

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