NH Moose Hunt Lottery Bonus Point System

How does the bonus point system work?
Starting with the 2004 lottery, unsuccessful applicants began accumulating one bonus point for each consecutive year they applied. The first year you apply, you have one chance; the second year, two chances, and so on. The idea is that if you don't win this year, the bonus point system improves your odds of winning in years to come.
Does that mean I have twice the chance of winning in the second year?
No, but your odds will be a little better. It will be like getting two tickets in a raffle instead of one. The reason your odds don't double is because many of the other applicants also will have two chances.
What happens if I skip a year?
If you skip entering the lottery one year, you lose all accrued points. If you know you won't be hunting this year, but still want to accrue a point, just indicate this on your completed application, but you still need to apply (see next question - this is important). Those who are drawn and accept a moose permit are not eligible to win a permit -- or accrue points -- for the following three years.
Why does the application ask if I wish to apply for a bonus point only?

If you know you won't be able to hunt this fall, you can opt out of the lottery, but not lose your points. Consider carefully before answering this question:

  • A "Yes"answer means you will not be entered in the lottery and will have no chance of receiving a permit this year. You will keep your existing points and accrue one point this year.

  • A "No" answer to this question means you will be entered in the lottery and may be drawn for a permit. Your points will accrue normally.
If I don't have a driver's license, what ID number do I use on the application?
The New Hampshire Department of Safety and motor-vehicle licensing agencies in other states issue non-driver ID cards. The number on these cards is the only number that may be substituted for a driver's license number.
What if my license or ID number changes?
It's your responsibility to let N.H. Fish and Game know about any change in your identification number (to make sure your points accrue properly).

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