NH Moose Hunt 2013 - Gallery

Congratulations, moose hunters - and thank you for your photos and stories!

Do you have a moose hunt tale to share? Send a digital photo and short (100 words max) caption to Jason Philippy at jason.philippy@wildlife.nh.gov. Include the hunter's name and hometown, and let us know how big your moose was, where and how you took it, or any other (brief) details you care to share. Please be careful with your spelling, grammar, capitalization, etc. NOTE: By sending your material, you are authorizing the N.H. Fish and Game Department to use it on this website or in other ways, without compensation. If you've already sent your photo, please be patient...we will try to make updates once a week. Sorry, no print photos; digital submissions only. Deadline for 2013 hunt photos: Dec. 1, 2013. (You're also welcome to head on over to our Facebook page and post your photo there.) Thanks!

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Photos from the 2013 hunt...

Jason Zimmer - successful 2013 NH moose hunt

Thanks, NH Fish & Game! My 73-year-old father and I enjoyed a wonderful moose hunting experience this year and were lucky enough to harvest a mature (7.5-8.5 year-old) cow in Sanbornton NH (Zone J2) on Saturday evening around 5:20 p.m. After hiking many miles over the course of the day in several different areas we had scouted and seeing nothing, we arrived at a 2-3 year old clear cut in Sanbornton. Shortly after beginning our hike in to where we were going to sit for the evening, we saw a nice cow ahead in the cut, on an old skidder road. A few moments later, she was down and the work began - skinning, quartering and packing her out to the truck! We scouted well over 40 hours in preparation for this hunt and got to see and learn many new parts of New Hampshire, meeting some wonderful landowners along the way. Truly an experience I am sure we will both never forget.  Thanks again! -- Jason E. Zimmer, Southeast District Supervisor, Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, Buzzards Bay, MA 

scott blair

On Monday, 10/21 at 8:10am we were able to fill our zone E2 moose tag for this season.  At 570 lbs with a 38" spread he won't be the biggest moose taken this season but he is ours and we are extremely happy and grateful for the opportunity and experience. Our moose was taken with a Savage 30-06 at 300 yards uphill.  It was an amazing experience to be able to moose hunt for a second year in a row with my father.  He was a trooper to hike many miles each day and I am incredibly thankful that we were able to create these memories together.  Special thanks to conservation officer Alex Lopashanski for his assistance and the great work he and all the officers do.  Extra special thanks to Rob Hatch, his father Rob and their oxen Big and Rich for making the moose extraction from the woods an easy and enjoyable event.   Hoping to do it all again in 3 years. -- Scott Blair, Concord, NH & Robert Blair, Northwood, NH

John Chase

After 3 ½ days and over 40 hours hiking hills in WMU I2 my brother Tom Chase and I ended a successful hunt taking this 540lb. 2 ½ year old cow. What an amazing opportunity and experience. Many great memories were made during and after this hunt. We both would like to thank the NH Fish and Game and all officials involved with this hunt and everything they do for this great state. Thanks again!!! – John Chase, Contoocook, NH

Darrell Grant and Chris

Darrell Grant and Chris from Raynham, MA travelled to zone C1 and harvested this incredible bull with the assistance coming from New Hampshire Guide Services and Guide Gary Lafoe.  This moose was hiding out in a thick swamp area during the high winds early in the week and the boys were able to find his secret bedding spot.  Exc
ellent hunt and a great adventure.  Thank you so much New Hampshire Fish and Game for this hunt of a lifetime. –Submitted by Jason Parent, Guide

David Wood

David Wood purchased a Wildlife Heritage Foundation Permit and harvested this exceptional bull in zone A2 supporting a 52 inch spread and a weighed over 700 lbs.  One well placed shot did the trick at 40 yards.  Thank you to New Hampshire Guide Services, Guide Jason Parent and everyone at Mount Dustan Country store for an excellent adventure.  Thank you to New Hampshire Fish and Game and the Wildlife Heritage Foundation.-- Submitted by Jason Parent, Guide


Gregg Wedge

Gregg Wedge harvested this awesome bull in Zone C2 with the assistance of New Hampshire Guide Services, Guide Tommy Kelley and Mount Dustan Country Store.  Thank you so much to New Hampshire Fish and Game for this excellent hunt of a lifetime.--Submitted by Jason Parent, Guide

Gregory Mendenhall

Gregory Mendenhall from Port Orange, Florida travelled to Northern New Hampshire and hunted zone C2 where he harvested this massive bull moose tipping the scales at 920 lbs and supporting a 55 inch spread.  Thank you to New Hampshire Guide Services, Guide Tommy Kelley and everyone at Mount Dustan Country Store in Wentworth Location.  Thank you so much to New Hampshire Fish and Game for this wonderful opportunity. Submitted by Jason Parent, Guide

Ken Conroy

This nice bull was taken by Ken Conroy and Ben Zogopoulis, both of Manchester, NH  in Central NH using Frank Harris, Rolling Bonz Guide Service. It weighed in at exactly 800 pounds dressed and had 19 points along with a 47" wide rack...... Nice job guys!--Submitted by Frank Harris, Guide

Kevin Cranker and Nate

Kevin Cranker and his son Nate purchased a Wildlife Heritage Permit and harvested this mature bull in zone C1 with an antler spread of 44 inches with great paddles and nice points.  Thank you so much to New Hampshire Guide Services, Guide Jon Guilmain and everyone at Mount Dustan Country store in Wentworth Location.  Thank you New Hampshire Fish and Game for this great hunt and the Wildlife Heritage Foundation for the opportunity to visit this great state. Submitted by Jason Parent, Guide

Lou Grey

Lou Gray purchased a Wildlife Heritage Foundation Permit and harvested this 62 inch bull in zone C1 on Saturday October 26th as of that day it was the largest antler spread taken during the 2013 season.  Thank you so much to New Hampshire Guide Services, Guide Dustan Parent and everyone at Mount Dustan Country Store for a great hunt and the opportunity of a lifetime.  Thank you to New Hampshire Fish and Game and the Wildlife Heritage Foundation for this great opportunity. Submitted by Jason Parent, Guide

Shane Brady and Dan Nocella

Shane Brady and Dan Nocella from Southern New Hampshire travelled North to zone A2 and harvested this magnificent bull with a 53 Inch Spread and tipping the scales at over 820lbs.  Thank you to New Hampshire Guide Services, Guide Jason Parent and everyone at Mount Dustan Country Store for a great hunt.  Thank you New Hampshire Fish and Game.  This moose responded very well to calling and traveled over 400 yards to within 25 yards for an excellent shot opportunity. Submitted by Jason Parent, Guide

Kathleen Brodeur

It all started back in May 2003, when I first started putting my name in the Moose Lottery. Much to my surprise, in June 2013, I got word that I got picked for the Moose Hunt in Zone B! On opening day, we awoke early. We headed out about 6:30 a.m. My husband and guide drove the ATV to two of our scouting spots, saw no animals, but a few hunters, so we continued on to the third spot. I was very excited/nervous when my husband stopped and saw a small bull 80 yards out. I got off the machine and loaded my clip into the gun. I shot. It only clicked (in my excitement, I forgot to put the bolt action in to load). I did that, then aimed and shot once. My husband said I missed, but I knew I got him. I never saw him walk away. He went down right away. No suffering. (Thank goodness) From beginning to end, the hunt only lasted 45 minutes. The bull was about two years of age, had a small rack, and dressed out at 465 lbs. I got thumbs up from men, women, and kids on the highway home. I am thankful to everyone - LHS administration and staff for time, Fish and Game for the opportunity, Wagner Forest Management for the land and camp, Millsfield Crew for the support getting moose out, and last but not least, my husband Brad for guiding, teaching, and supporting me, Ben, my son, for helping and supporting, Laura, my daughter for the photography and help. I had a beautiful day and a really wonderful experience. I did not get the trophy bull, but I certainly got the “trophy” of a memory!  -- Kathleen M Brodeur, Londonderry, NH

Rick Sheppard

I harvested this nice cow moose in zone C1. She weighed in on the scales at 580 lbs.  Thank you to New Hampshire Guide Services, Guide Wade Goulet for a successful hunt and everyone at Mount Dustan Country Store in Wentworth Location. Thank you so much to New Hampshire Fish and Game for this wonderful opportunity to harvest a moose the same year that I retired.-- Rick Sheppard, Wilton, NH

Dave DeLuca

After taking a large bull in 2003 we were back in the moose woods for the 2013 hunt and shot this beautiful 53’’ bull in zone G that took us all of 17 hours to pack out! Almost ten years to the day after our first moose hunt we both have wonderful memories and spectacular trophies. To quote baseball legend Yogi Berra, it was like déjà vu all over again! Thanks to New Hampshire Fish & Game for their continued support of our wildlife resources in the Granite State.--Alan Mikoloski and David DeLuca,Nottingham, NH

Don Dubois

After a long 28 years of putting in for the moose lottery and a lot of scouting, 10/24 was the big day.  At 9:30 in the morning, I took this 51” 730 lb. bull from D2.  With the help of my son Jeff, my friend Craig for all the scouting, you did and Toby Owen from Connecticut Lakes Guide Service and a long 6 hour haul, we managed to get this one out of the woods.  The moose was taken with a 300 short mag.  It was an amazing experience and the hardest hunt I have ever experienced but worth every minute and the most memorable with my son.  I was able to meet a lot of nice people on this hunt and appreciate everyone who helped.--Don Dubois, N. Haverhill, NH and Jeff Dubois, Weare, NH

Jason Ruggles

After applying since 1988 I FINALLY drew a tag, Zone G antlerless only. After 80 plus hours scouting, and nearly as many hours of hard hunting, we were able to harvest this 540lb, 2-1/2 year old cow on the 7th day of the hunt. I would like to thank Ken Roberts, Jr. for being my life-long friend, hunting partner, and sub-permittee. If it were not for his help and guidance this harvest probably wouldn't have happened. I would also like to thank Bob & Sandy for allowing us access to their property for the hunt. Thanks also go out to Bob, Sandy, Steve, Ryan & Cristin for extracting the moose from the kill site. Thank you to NHF&G for the opportunity to harvest such a magnificent animal. To all of you who have waited years without drawing a tag, KEEP APPLYING, it will happen sooner or later.--Jason Ruggles, Springfield, NH

Mike Willinsky

On day 3 of the hunt in PIttsburg, NH Mike Willinsky of Chester NH and his sub permitee, Chuck Hemeon of Danville, NH took this 810 lb. bull. The antler spread was 56 inches. We had scouted many areas but only were able to locate a cow and a calf on day 2 and this bull at the first light on day 3. The bull was taken with a 30.06 rifle at less than 75 yards. He was a fighter, sporting many scars and fighting injuries including an injured eye and broken antler. Leon Verville will be preparing a shoulder mount to hang at camp in Clarksville.-- Mike Willinsky, Chester, NH

Stephen Schofield

We scouted extensively in zone D-2 all summer. I would estimate over 80 hours total. We found NO moose sign to speak of. This was my wife's third permit. This permit was for an "antlerless" only animal.  We are not new to hunting moose. Opening morning came and my son joined us as our videographer. We walked in the trail 2.94 miles and went down in towards Long Pond. We could not believe our eyes. There was evidence of moose almost everywhere we looked. Opening weekend produced 0 results. Monday morning came and we were on our own as my son had to return to work. We hunted Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with the same results. Thursday my wife woke and was ill. She still got up and we headed out. She wasn't feeling well at all. I figured if we made it till noon we would be lucky. Then just about 11:50 we spotted a running animal. I have never seen a moose run so fast. I identified it as a cow. There was no chance for my wife to shoot as she was directly behind me. I fired 3 times. Once she was standing facing me and then two more shots through the left front shoulder. FINALLY she went down. The Winchester model 70 in .338 Win. Mag. did its job. We took care of what needed to be done and I left my wife with all the gear and food and headed out the 3 miles to get help. I was able to call my son and he left work and came with his Simpson capstan winch. We got back to my wife before dark and winched the cow out to the vehicle by 9 PM. Thank you to Phillip Belyea for allowing us the use of his property to camp on and to Dave and Judy Witcher, and Nancy and Charlie Foote for all the information they provided.-- Stephen and Nancy Schofield

Tara ONeil

This was my first moose hunt.   I had an anterless only permit in C-1.  We were successful on Tuesday morning with the assistance of Franconia Mountain Guide Service.  What an amazing experience.  Thank you to New Hampshire Fish and Game for the opportunity of a lifetime.--Tara O'Neil

Jill Mahan

Thank you Fish and Game for such a great experience. On the third day, Monday at 8:20am we filled our moose tag in New Hampton with a 460lb bull, with 7 points and still a bit of velvet hanging off one of his antlers. Dick had the best shot with his 308 and I was very happy he took the shot. While on the hunt in I1, Dick and I enjoyed the great outdoors with nice weather and time together. I am so happy that I was chosen and that he could be my subpermitee. We met shortly before his last successful moose hunt five years ago when I didn’t hunt or have any clue about it. But over the years he has shown me how great being out in the woods truly is, and I am forever grateful. Thank you also to Pam Click who let us borrow her Toyota Pickup! --Jill Mahan and Dick Click, Belmont, NH

Dan Perry

After entering the lottery off and on since 1988, in June of 2013 I received a text from my friend, who was listening to the live radio broadcast of the results, saying "you are a moose hunter" I yelled out a big YAHOO. I chose my friend Kieth Lavoie to be my subpermittee. I was drawn for zone EI which I scouted for 5 weekends without seeing a moose.8 weeks before the hunt Kieth sent me a pic of his leg in a cast due to a broken heel bone from a fall. He said he would be laid up for 6 weeks, but still wanted to be in the hunt. After opening weekend and no moose sightings, Kieth had to go back to work for the week and would come back the next weekend. I hunted everyday on my own from sunrise to sundown, hiked many miles and only saw a lone calf. Kieth returned Friday night to hunt and we headed out on the 8th day of the hunt determined to find a moose. Finally, at 2:30 we hit an area we had scouted and thought it was worth another look. Sure enough, we found this bull at 5 pm and were able to fill the tag. Kieth hit him with the 30.06 first and I finished him off with my 308 Savage 99E.  He weighed in at 700 lbs. and was 4 1/2 years old. What a great time even though it was down to the wire. I would like to thank NH Fish & Game for the opportunity to do this. Also my 6 friends Bill Casey, Dave Coish, Kieth Monahan, Al Beattie, Rick Midgley  and Mark Lebeouf for helping us to get him out of the woods after dark.-- Daniel Perry, Hampstead NH.

Kenji and Cameron

A 760 lbs. bull moose was taken in D-2 on Saturday Oct 26th.  This bull has a 53.5 inch spread.  Patience and persistence was the name of this game.  Thank you to New Hampshire Fish and Game for this opportunity. -submitted by Franconia Mountain Guide Service. --Kenji and Cameron

Steve Michaud

We had great luck on our Zone M permit opening day taking this 500 lb. 3 1/2 year old cow with a 12 gauge in auburn. Thanks a lot to Fish and Game, my subpermitee Mark Bergeron and a great group of guys I hunt with to help us get this moose out of the woods.-- Steve Michaud,  Auburn NH

Paul Fornier

My brother and subpermitee Jim and I filled our cow tag in Zone C2. The cow dressed out 550 lbs. and is estimated to have been around 2 ½ years old. – Paul Fornier, Westmoreland, NH

Frank Reedy

Many years of applying paid off as I was drawn for area C1. After almost two weeks of scouting I felt confident, and on Sunday day two I harvested this 54" 7.5 year old bull. As I still hunted up to a large clear cut I spotted him in the distance, and closed to shooting range. I fired and watched as the bull went down, and after a 30 minute stalk to recover the bull I heard a noise behind me, turning I saw him at 15 yards coming fast. A quick head shot with my ruger #1 in 338 win mag ended his attempt to get even. Four hours later I had five 90 lb. bags of meat and a nice rack to pack almost a mile over rough terrain to my camper. By 10:30 pm tired, cold, and soar I was done. The pride and sense of accomplishment for a solo, totally do it yourself hunt is immeasurable. Thanks so much for the opportunity.-- Frank Reedy, Scituate, RI.

Larry Brown

We had a good time. After 6 days, the moose we took was 700 lbs. with a 48” spread. We took him in unit K. It was an awesome hunt. --Larry Brown and Marty Moore , Alton, NH

Scott LeClair

After six and a half days of hunting in the beautiful terrain encompassed by zone E3, my father and I finally came across this 2.5 year old bull in a saddle near the top of two of those majestic peaks.  Thanks to the sage advice and encouragement of our friends from Lincoln, we stuck with it and eventually found where they were hanging around amidst that vast wilderness.  Thank you also NHF&G for allowing nonresidents the opportunity to hunt moose in your beautiful state.  My father and I now share memories from a week we will never forget.-- Scott R. LeClair, Medina, OH

Scott Gilbert
As a licensed guide in the state of New Hampshire I have had numerous opportunities to hunt moose...for other people. That finally changed in 2013 as I was drawn for an ES tag in WMU B. I brought my dad along as my subpermittee and we were determined to fill our tag with a trophy bull, as we know this zone can produce. On the evening of the second day of the hunt we spotted this bull at 100 yards, confirmed he was what we were looking for and moved into position for a shot. Our plan from the beginning was to shoot at the same time, capturing everything on film, and that's exactly what we did. This is the result of well executed planning and a once in a lifetime opportunity that I was able to share with my Dad. This bull sported a 56" rack with 25pts and tipped the scale at 800lbs. Thank you to the NH Fish and Game Department, my good friend and cameraman Eric Kingston, the whole dragging crew, and most importantly my dad, for all his dedication and hard work leading up to and during the hunt. I couldn't have dreamt it any better. - Scott Gilbert, Berlin, NH
Samantha Mandell
Samantha Mandell, age 15, from Franklin, MA, travelled to zone B with her father to down this bull with her 50 cal. muzzle loader.  The moose weighed 810 lbs. with 22 points and a 58.5" spread.
Ryan Thompson

I’ve been applying for a moose permit for 25 years, and was finally chosen!  My youngest son Ryan (now 30) decided to hunt, for the first time ever.  On October 19th, less than 30 minutes into the hunt, we saw and took a nice, non-typical 775 pound bull moose, with a 52 ½”spread and 19 points, in C1.  We had discussed this before the hunt, and we each took a shot with a 7mm ultra mag and a 7mm short.  That did the job; both were heart and lung shots.  The bull went less than 25’, making it much less complicated to get it out than we had anticipated.  Sure hope Ryan doesn’t think every hunt goes like that!  Thank you to a great guide, Ben Gross, he sure knows the moose and his area.  Thank you also to NH Fish and Game, for giving us an adventure of a lifetime.  -- Dean and Ryan Thompson, Woodsville, NH.

Steve Brown
I was shocked and excited to see that I was drawn for a J1 cow tag this year.  My partner and I scouted preseason and we expected it would be a tough hunt. We covered close 12 miles up and down the mountains on Saturday and were back at it on Sunday.  At 3pm on Sunday the 20th we were able to connect with a nice 470# cow that Fish and Game estimated was 5.5 years old when we checked her in.  It was an amazing first moose hunt experience and I can't wait to do it again some day!!!-- Steve Brown, Woburn, MA
Mike Seguin

After many years of sending in a Moose Application, I was happy to finally be chosen for the chance to hunt moose. I chose my boss and good friend, Denis, as the sub permittee.  A week or so, before the hunt, he was diagnosed with cancer. With careful consideration and Dr. approval, Denis opted to participate in this once in a lifetime hunt, rather than sit it out. On the 7th day of our hunt, in C1, we finally shot our 720 lb. moose with a 41 1/2" spread. We would like to thank the landowners who gave us the privilege to hunt away from the beaten path and helped us to achieve our successful hunt and thank our wives for their patience while we hunted for the "right" one.--Mike Seguin, Berlin, NH & Denis, Gorham, NH

Jason Lampron

Here's our 630lb 3 1/2 year old, 34 3/4 spread, 6 point Bull we took in WMU L using a 30-06. Called him in at 6:50am on day 2. We were in Bear Brook State Park. It was my 4th year putting in and my sub had been putting in since 1988 never to be picked. We had scouted areas all over WMU L with over 50 hours of scouting. All that hard work paid off for the hunt of a life time.--Jay Lampron, Concord NH and Ken Lindley, Franklin NH.

Peter Dion

Peter Dion of Nashua, NH filled his cow permit in A2 by shooting this 5.5 year old, 580 lb. moose on October 22, 2013. A special thanks to Downwind Guide Service for their assistance. – Robert Dion, Nashua, NH


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