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Congratulations, moose hunters - and thank you for your photos and stories! Submissions for this page have now closed, but you are welcome to head on over to our Facebook page and post your photo there.

Photos from the 2012 hunt...

This great NH bull, 680lbs, 46", was taken in zone C-1 by Mike and Bonnie Blanchard of Sullivan on Sunday, 10/21/2012.  Saturday was an unseasonably warm day.  The moose were not moving.  This bull was seen at sunset on a cut across the way from where we were sitting.  Our guide, Dave Noyes from Northern New Hampshire Guide Services suggested that we start the hunt on Sunday in that cut.  Sure enough, as we entered the cut at 6:50AM there he was with another smaller bull and the rest is history!!!  Thanks to NH Fish and Game and Northern NH Guide Services for providing us with the opportunity of a lifetime. -- Mike and Bonnie Blanchard

"A successful hunt! Thank you NH Fish and Game for allowing me the opportuntity of a lifetime! This was my first ever kill shot.  It was the biggest adrenaline rush ever!  My husband went with me as my sub permittee and on the third day (10/22/12) at 7:25am  I bagged this beautiful bull in the L section. It is a 3 year old weighing in at about 550 pounds dressed with a rack of 38 inches from 150 yards out using my 35 Remington. It took a little over 7 hours to get this little guy out! I just want to say a great big Thank You to Scott, Mark, James, Kyle, Paul, Tyler, Randy, Rick, Ernie, and most of all my wonderful husband, Dan.  I could never have had the courage without his patience and tutelage. "Can't wait to start cooking those backstraps!" --Rose Mercier 

Thank you NH F & G for the opportunity of a hunt of a life time! Father and son hunt, Gene and Jason Meier of Meredith NH. I took this nice bull on the 2nd day of the hunt up in E1 zone in Jackson at 152yds at 8:30 in the morning with a 7mm/08(one shot and down) over 3 1/2 miles back in (see 2nd pic. of how we got him out) What an experience! Thank you NH Fish & Game and C.O Alex Lopashanski and THANK YOU Rob Hatch for coming in with the Oxen and Dennis Lufkin for filming. Oh Ya..... Just about 700lbs and 47” wide. ---Gene Meier


We never saw a Moose in our pre-season scouting in J1, but saw plenty of sign. Saturday’s sunbath yielded a goose egg and ticks! Sunday dawned with great hope, we had a big boy silently slip in to within 25 yds, but no shot, he slipped away in the low pines. Monday was another walk in the woods, a couple of Does barked at Felipe! Tuesday morning at 7 am, walking in to the “stand” Felipe Garcia (Milton NH) connected with this 510 lb. 2.5 yr old! Thanks to Paul Miller for his lifesaver tractor, and to Rob Hatch for all the tips and guidance!- Frank Culbertson, Lyndeboro


James and Travis Brunt of Plymouth NH shot this 665 pound cow in A 2 on the second day of the hunt. We would like to thank everyone at camp 5 . Gary, Steve, Doug and Sea Weed thank you for a great time. Thank you to NH Fish and Game for making it all possible.---Leia Brunt

After 4 days of hard hunting, we finally found a cow in Tamworth at 8:15 AM on Wednesday. We had an antlerless permit, so we hoped not to see that huge bull we all dream about.
It was an uphill climb, but she was standing with the sun behind her head and in my eyes. Bob’s trusty 45-70 did the deed and our moose was on the ground. Thanks to all those that helped us scout J1, retrieve, and check in our moose. And thanks to the NH Moose Lottery to finally select my name after 18 years!---Bob and Scott Blair, Northwood and Concord, NH

I want to thank NHFG for the opportunity to take this 57 inch Bull in Zone C2 on October 21. The Bull dressed out at 720lbs and was taken with a Browning 30-06 180g bullet. I want to thank my sub-permittee Mike Badorek and my Guide Tom Kelley of New Hampshire Guide Service in Wentworth, NH for all their help.--- Mike Lewis of Fremont, NH.

We had a great spot picked out in WMU G, and were confident we would tag out on day 1.  No such luck, we hunted dawn til dusk for 5 long days.  On the morning of day 6 we hiked up yet another mountain to a clear cut we had glimpsed the previous night.  Chris, my subpermitee,  saw a glimpse of a large cow and fired. We were in for a surprise - it was not a cow! It was a 760LB bull that had just shed it's antlers!  The stumps on the head still had fresh blood.  Two days later Chris convinced me to go back up there to look for the antlers.  Incredibly,  I found them! Now that's teamwork!  We brought them back to the check in station, and they have a 49" spread.   This truly was the hunt of a lifetime!! --- Jen and Chris Perkins 

This is the bull moose I took in unit C2 on October 27th near the town of Berlin, NH. It has 20 points, weighed 780 lbs with a rack width of 53 1/4".  On the second to the last day of the season, I passed on a small bull still hoping for a mature one when this guy showed up.  I was extremely lucky to take a moose of this caliber.  Special thanks to New Hampshire Fish and Game for the opportunity,  my sub-permitee Jay English along with Harold Burlock & Chet Adams, who were all critical to the success of this hunt. --- Ken Zimny, St.Charles, Illinois 

Mert Grant and Dan Laliberte of Nashua got this nice bull in Zone L on the first day. The bull was spotted late in the afternoon and fell on the 1st shot. However, it still took
4 hours in the dark to get him out.  With help from the land owner,our 4-wheel ATV and chainsaw we got back to our vehicle. He weighed 510 lbs. with a 33 in. rack. The
biologist told us he was 2- 1/2 to 3 yrs. old at the registry.

Thanks to NH Fish and Game for the opportunity to participate in this great lottery and win a coveted moose permit. Also thanks to Dan Laliberte for being my Sub-permittee. --- Merton Grant, Nashua, NH  

Thank you NH Fish and Game for giving me a Hunt of a LifeTime. Bobby Tirrell (permittee) and Dave Lawson (sub-permittee) took down this 5 point bull in Zone A2  in Pittsburgh, NH on opening day at 7:30am. This bull was standing in between two cows when we shot it. Dave had a 30-06 and I used a .270 Bolt action. It took two shots to drop him in his tracks. This 2 ½ year old  dressed at 565 lbs. ---Bobby Tirrell

Thank you NH Fish and Game for an opportunity at a hunt of a lifetime.  This bull was harvested on Sunday 10-21-12 at 7am in  Zone I2 by Tracy Aubut and Mike Silver.  The bull dressed out at 600 pounds and sported a 5 by 5 rack that measured 33 inches.   Throughout the many scouting adventures that we were on throughout the Summer months we only had spotted one moose.  We were confident based on the sign we saw that we would at least have an opportunity.   I would like to thank my sub permittee Mike Silver for all of the hard work he put into this hunt for me. --- Tracy Aubut

We were fortunate enough to see two beautiful bull moose opening morning of the 2012 moose hunt in zone B. This bull gave us the best shot so we took him. We used a 30-06 and a 300 ultra mag. He weighed in at 510 pounds and had a 32 inch spread. We did this as a father and son hunt and put in about 30 hours of scouting time. I took the first shot and my son, Ben Nichols, followed up right after. We would like to thank all of the people that made this hunt possible. --- Brad Nichols

It took till the last Saturday of the hunt and a 150 yd shot with a 30/06 to score this nice young bull in zone B. My wife, Stephanie, who has never hunted before was the real trooper, and the permittee. Thank you to NH fish and game for the hunt of a lifetime and a memory that my wife and I will have forever. ---Steve Michaud

Here are pictures of the 3 ½ year old 580 pound  35 ¾” bull  that my brother Frank Walker (sub)of West Hartford, Vt. and I shot at 8:30 on the opening morning of the 2012 moose season in Stark (zone C1). We were able to call this bull in to 65 yards before making a one shot kill. I would like to thank N.H. Fish and Game for the opportunity to hunt such a great animal. I would also like to thank our friend (and soon to be NH guide) Mark Akerstrom for the use of his great cabin and all of his insight and knowledge of the area and what to look for in the scouting process. He also spent countless hours scouting for us. Mark put us into all the right spots to find the moose. We had called in some much larger bulls than this one while scouting but were looking for an animal that would be good eating and this bull really fit the bill. Thank you again. ---Scott R. Walker, Plainfield, NH

Paul Freeman (permittee) and Derek Betts-Levine (sub-permittee) both of Strafford, NH had the hunt of a lifetime this October. Paul was picked for Zone B. After 7 grueling days, they smoked this monster: 810 lbs. and a 57.5" spread. It was well worth the wait! This bull was estimated to be about seven and a half years of age. Scott Gilbert guided days 6 and 7 of the hunt. Thank you Gilbert Guide Service and NH Fish and Game.---Katie Betts-Levine

Despite warm weather and fog, my subpermittee (Bruce Merrill) and I were able to take this Unit K bull at 8:20 on the opening morning of the 2012 NH moose hunt. Our bull was aged at 2-1/2 years and sported a 9 point 36" wide rack with an estimated weight of 550lbs (dressed). A special thanks to Brett, Ross and Mike for helping us get him out and to NH Fish & Game for this great opportunity.--Gordon Rollins, Milford, NH


Tom and Sara Gammell took their bull moose at 8:05 AM on opening day in C1 (Berlin, NH). It weighed in at 770 lb’s dressed and had a beautiful mahogany rack that measured 40’ between paddles.  Tom can’t wait to get it back from the taxidermist. The Gammells’ are from Fitchburg, MA and would like to send our thanks and appreciation to the NHF&G and NH Guide Services, especially our guide Wade Goulet.  We were approximately five miles into Jericho and without Wade and his persistence we would never have been able to get the moose off the mountain.--- Sara Gammell

Larry Graham from Washington NH and son Rob from Ontario shot this cow on an antlerless tag opening morning in unit B. She was 4 1/2 years old and weighed in at 540 lbs. Thanks to the many "bird hunters" who came along and offered assistance. Many thanks to NH Fish and Game for the opportunity, Hill Top Butcher in Dummer for processing the moose and Ricky and Linda Blais at Paradise Point Cottages on Lake Umbagog for the excellent accommodations and hospitality. --- Larry Graham

This J2, 510 lb 2 1/2 year old bull was taken by (Papa) Charles McKay and Doug White on the 5th day of the hunt. We spotted a cow the very 1st day as soon as we hiked on to the spot but too dark, saw nothing for next 4 days on 5th day we called this nice eating Bull in with the old string and can method. Shot at about 100 yards 30-06. Great hunt with the old man, 1st ever for moose... after he dropped, a big cow come over the hill...thanks to NH Fish and Game and some good friends.---Doug White



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